Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Baby #4// 23 weeks

Vest//Old Navy

It  took me no less than 10 tries to draw this turkey and I still wasn't 100% satisfied.  Jeremy was at school and he has a ton of homework since there is only 2 weeks left of classes so I couldn't ask him to do it.  This is why I stick to boring signs. 

Not much to update on.  I am feeling better than I was last week but I do have a cold this week that is preventing me from eating very much.  Hopefully by turkey day I will have an appetite.

And a few things I am thankful for:
-An easy pregnancy.  Brighton's was so stressful and uncomfortable that I didn't get to enjoy it.   This pregnancy has been the complete opposite.  Other than when I over due it, I have felt pretty good.  I have a little tiredness but that is common.

-My not so little family.  I love them.  Even on rough days like today.   

-Jeremy.  That man does so much for us. 

-A loving God who forgives me for my short comings. 

oh and a little compassion of all 4 pregnancies.  

Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekend recap

What a wonderful, productive weekend we had.  The coffee table is finished and the living room is rearranged, again.   It will probably stay like this until after Christmas.  Because moving my sewing desk is a pain. 
I will post more pictures of the completed project this week.  I want to give the apple cider vinegar a little more time to work its magic. 

I love Jeremy's flex Fridays, it is so nice to have a 3 day weekend every other week.   With his super busy schedule lately that is the only chance we have to get stuff done.   I am looking forward to his month break from school.  Only 2 more weeks!

This morning when Jeremy left for work, I was kind of sad because he had to work all week.  Last year he was at a different job and pretty much had thanksgiving week thru the new year off.   But then I was listing to the radio and they were suggesting we pray for all those working this holiday.  I realized I am lucky.  Yes it sucks he has to work all week but at least we get Thanksgiving day together.

I woke up this morning with a random red eye.  No puss, crust, or anything.  It is just super red and tender.  The only other time this has happened to me is after our house burnt down when I was 17.   And it was super red for about 2 weeks.  So I am sure something got in it yesterday when we were finishing up the lid to the coffee table.   The super smokey casino we stayed at last weekend didn't help either.   Until it is gone, I am rocking my glasses.  Which I hate.  With a passion.   They are always dirty no mater how many times a day I clean them and getting ready in the morning is very challenging when you can't see.

Poor Jeremy, Friday night he was all excited to introduce the kids to one of his favorite movies ever, A Muppet Christmas Carol.  As it started playing Eldon yelled "the muffins!" and Bristol was like "Oh, we watched this with Paga."   Jeremy was pretty broken up about it but they still sat there for the whole thing.  And have asked to watch it several times since then.

If we were doing mass gifts for Christmas this year, we would have to buy something for the sales associate at Home Depot.  He probably thinks we spend as much time there as he does.    It is possible since Eldon can give you driving directions.

 Last night during dinner Bristol was complaining about her foot hurting.  They way she described it, it sounded like a hang nail.  So I told her after bath time we would take a look at it.  For whatever reason we never got around to it, at breakfast she was complaining again.  So I finally looked at it and found this giant splinter in her foot.    She was such a champ when I pulled it out. 

I will leave you with a picture of the wonderful smoked salmon Jeremy made for us Saturday.  It was delicious.  I am so glad I was actually able to eat it. 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Instafriday--A weekend away

Last weekend was wonderful.  Jeremy and I attended the Marine Corps birthday ball.  Which lets just say, my definition of ball gown and others definitions of ball gown are 2 very different things.  And it seemed that the heavier the person was the tighter and shorter their dresses got.   How do you even dance in something when it barely covers your girl parts?

 Yes, I packed all of that for 2 days.   I am at that point in my pregnancy where it changes day to day what is comfortable to wear, so I went prepared.   I am still absolutely loving my Jessica Simpson ballet flats.  I am so happy I spent the money on the real deal and didn't end up buying one of the cheaper options.  I also debating if I want to get them in nude as well.  If I hadn't already asked for a nice watch for Christmas, I would probably be asking for the shoes.

 On our way to drop the kiddos of at the Grandparents house they all passed out.  This is really rare.  Normally it is impossible to get them to fall asleep in the car these days but I guess a long day at school wore Bristol out and it was Brighton and Eldon's usual nap time.

 Bristol loves her American flag.  She brought it home from school a few weeks ago and taught us all about respecting it.  Jeremy really wanted to add a Marine Corps flag to her collection.   The doll house seemed like the perfect place for both of them.

This was my backup gown.  Jeremy got my original gown all zipped up and then the zipper split.  I was so bummed but it ended working out.  My only complaint is the description said it was lace up so I bought it a size bigger to accomidate the bump and it wasn't so I had to keep pulling my dress up all night.  
Jeremy and I used to love eating breakfast at the Black Bear Diner in Colorado Springs, so when he mentioned that there was one near where we were staying I was all over it.  My biscuits and gravy did not disappoint.

I love my kids.  But I love my husband more.  Maybe that offends some but it is the truth.  We aren't married for the kids, we don't pretend to enjoy each other for them, it is for us.  I have never once thought "well I stay because of the kiddos".  When days are rough, I can't wait till he gets home because on the hard days when raising our family is overwhelming me, he is what gets me through.  Also lots and lots of prayer.  I loved spending the whole weekend with just this man.  I love his company.   I love knowing that when all of our kids leave the house, I will still be complete because this man will be by my side.  9 years of marriage and my love and respect for him is so much more than I ever thought possible.  

Clean eater 90% of the time, pop tart eater whenever hunger strikes and I don't have a healthy option readily available.  Or I am in the gas station and they are calling my name.

 He was being so quiet in his room, I went to check on him.  I am guessing all the fun at Grandma's caught up with him.

 I definitely overdid it on our weekend away.  I think the only time I sat down on Saturday was when we were in the car driving from the hotel to the base and back.    By Tuesday I was hurting.  I was feeling everyone of those 22 weeks of this pregnancy and I was have serious braxton hicks every time I stood up.   Even though it killed me, I sat on the couch or in my chair as much as possible and by Wednesday I was feeling 100% better.  Thankfully Jeremy had the night off from school and tackled some of my chores so I wasn't completely overwhelmed by my to do list Wednesday.

 I try to keep my diaper bag very organized, she loves to pull it all out.  Her favorite thing to play with is the medicines.

 She also thinks the coffee table is a Brighton sized bench.  

 My computer is still having major issues so as a last resort I did a complete restore, it worked for all of a day.  Jeremy is going to take it apart this weekend to make sure nothing is loose but I think I need a new hard drive.  I am not happy at all.

When I was making this cauliflower chowder last night I was having serious doubts but this is my new favorite soup recipe.  It tasted so good.  You couldn't even tell that it lacked cream.  Because I am not a fan of celery at all, I used sweet corn instead.  I predict there will be a battle at lunch time for who gets these leftovers.  

That is it for pictures.  Jeremy has a nice 3 day weekend so hopefully we will get progress made on my coffee table and maybe get the living room rearranged again.  I am determined to find a good layout.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Baby#4--22 weeks

Cardigan//Old Navy
Tank// Be Maternity via Target

This week I am feeling every one of those 22 weeks of my pregnancy.  I feel blessed that I have had a pretty easy pregnancy thus far but this week has been a rough one and it only just started.  I think I overdid it this weekend at the ball and family day with all the walking and standing.  Hopefully after a few days rest I can go back to getting a decent nights sleep and a day without braxton hicks contractions.

Oh and this tank top why didn't I buy one of these tank tops before?  I couldn't bring myself to spend the $24 on it until this week. But now I am wishing I had 3 or 4.  And the Costco leggings, everyone needs a pair, they are super thick yet very comfortable.  Why is it that I am finding the most comfortable maternity stuff on my last pregnancy?

Maybe next week I wont be completely lazy and I will actually use the tripod to take these pictures before Jeremy gets home at dark.

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Friday, November 14, 2014


I ended up ordering a new ball gown.  Mine still zips but if the belly or chest grows any before tomorrow evening, I am out of luck.  Amazon came through for me with a wonderful backup option that will be here as soon as Fedex delivers today.   I am a little bummed that I probably wont get to wear the original option but oh well that is what happens when you have to dress a bump.  Thankfully I have still spent under a $100 on dresses and both have free return shipping so which ever I don't wear will be going back on Monday.  Along with the shoes I ordered.  Because what was I thinking trying to wear heels at 21 weeks pregnant when I don't even own a pair of heels to begin with.

I really want a pair of faux leather leggings but I am having absolutely no luck finding a pair that is comfortable and looks decent.  I am pretty bummed about it.

My debit card was compromised in that last wave of stolen numbers and can I say what a pain in the butt it is to change over to the new card on everyone of our bills.  It took forever to pay our bills this am.

Ever since we rearranged the kids toys last weekend they have been keeping them super clean and they are playing with their toys way more these days.  I was able to vacuum their rooms while they were at school yesterday without waiting for them to get home and clean.

Now onto a little bit of phone picture updates...
 Bristol is super proud of her belated Halloween ink.  The church we went to for the fall festival this year gave out more little toys than they did candy.  Between 2 class party's and the fall festival we only ended up with about 20 pieces of candy.

 Jeremy worked really hard on the sign for Peanut's 21 week update picture.  I am sure if I had taken the picture on the Marine Corps birthday instead of Veterans day the sign would have had a slightly different look but just as patriotic.  It looks so good we may have to use it for week 22 as well.

 I think it would have been much easier to spend $20 and buy a blanket scarf instead of make my own.  But I am really happy with how both of them turned out. Although now I have fabric leftover to make another of each print.  It probably would have gone much faster if my serger wasn't on the fritz.  On that note... dearest appliances, electronics, and sewing machines, I do not want to spend money on you right now.  Get your act together.  Sincerely one very overwhelmed owner.

I am done dressing for summer.  I know I said that a few weeks ago but then it got back up into the 90's so I had to give in but I am so ready for boots and scarves.   I usually end up only wear the scarf for school drop offs but still and least I am wearing them.  I can't believe I am about to type this and it will probably result in me coming home one day and all the contents of our house packed in a moving van but I am jealous of all the snow pictures I am seeing.  I miss the beauty of a fresh snow.  But I know the minute I had to deal with the first truly cold day I would be wishing for our warm California weather.  

My girls love their daddy.   As soon as he comes home this one follows him around until he picks her up and snuggles.  Most days that means patiently waiting outside our bedroom door while he showers.   She gets super offended if someone else gets attention before her.  

I got my first manicure in years.  I used to keep up with acrylics quite regularly but at some point I just phased them out.   My nails are very brittle this pregnancy and since I wanted them to look nice for the ball tomorrow I decided to treat myself to a gel manicure.   The light peachy color will work with either of my dress colors.

That's it.  Now I need to go get the kiddos packed up to spend the weekend at the grandparents and I need to pack Jeremy and I for our weekend away.  I also need to figure out if I own jewelry that can work with both dresses that way I can pack light.

Can we pretend this weekend away is to celebrate our 9th anniversary instead of the Marine Corps birthday?

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

9 Years









9 years of marriage.   Craziness.  It feel like it has only been 2 or 3 but I love that next year we celebrate 10 years together.   

This man, he is my everything.   He is my support, my shoulder to cry on, my biggest champion, my defender, my confidant, my best friend, the leader of our family.   He guides me and goes along with all my crazy ideas and plans.    He tells me the truth, he is always honest about me.   He knocks me off my pedestal if I need it, he gives me courage.   Most of all he reminds me daily of how much I need Jesus.   

Most people thought we were completely crazy to get married after dating for only 8 months but I knew and he knew that it was right.  With God at the center we have not only stayed in love but our love has grown.   More than that my respect for this man has grown.   Marriage isn't the most natural thing in the world because it requires you to think of the other persons feelings, wants, and needs above your own but when you do, it is amazing.  I never worry about putting Jeremy's feelings, needs, and wants first because I know he does the same for me.  There is so much freedom in a marriage that is full of God, love, communication, and respect.  

Over these last years we have both grown and changed so much and while society would tell you that is a recipe for divorce it has only brought us closer.   I know, through it all this man is going to love and support me.  In the hard times, he will seek God's guidance, pray for me, and support me the same way I do for him.  

Marriage to him is so worth it.   I am glad neither of us let anyone talk us out of it because I was too young, or because every "marriage expert" says our personalities just wouldn't work together because God knew exactly what he was doing that night He put Jeremy on my path.

Happy Anniversary Sexy Man.  Thank you for all you do for me.   This is only what I can express in words but there is so much more.  I cannot wait to spend the next 50, 60, 70 years together.   

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Baby #4-- Week 21...Luke Danes

Top and Vest// Old Navy (non maternity)
Jeans//J Jeans Maternity
Boots// JC Penny's

How cool is the sign Jeremy did for week 21?

I call this my Luke Danes outfit.  I asked Jeremy if I should wear a blue bow with it since I can't pull of a ball cap with my short hair.  

I have never felt one of the kiddos kick this soon but peanut is an active little one.  Jeremy even got to feel the kicks Saturday night.  It is so cool.

We had a great appointment with the midwife Friday.  Baby growing right on schedule, which our ultrasound confirmed.   Everything looks great.   Now we need to start thinking about birth classes.  Is it weird that this is our 4th kiddo and we are just now taking classes? With Bristol, Jeremy worked a rotating schedule of days and nights so it just wasn't possible.  Plus we were in the go with the flow mode.  I wasn't set one way or another on how I wanted things to go, so we just took it one step at a time.   This time I really want all the tools I can get to make it through this whole home birth thing.  If you did a natural labor, what method did you use?

I have broken even on the weight gain now, I know it needed to happen but it still is hard to accept.  I am not working out this pregnancy.   I ran 4 miles ever few days with Brighton but I had taken the whole month of June off from running and then we found out I was pregnant again so I didn't want to start up again.  I guess I could be doing a Barre workout but honestly I just don't have energy right now. 

Not a baby update...I am really enjoying the teal and coral in my hair and I am totally thinking about adding more next time.  I never thought I would be one who went with the platinum hair look but it is growing on me.  I love the platinum look with pastel highlights.   

Tonight I need to try on my gown for the Ball on Saturday to make sure it still fits, if it doesn't I don't have a clue what I am going to do.  Anyone have a stock pile of empire waist formal gowns laying around that they want to lend me if I need another one?

I am also thinking about getting my nails done for the ball. I can easily do them but I really feel like spoiling my hands.   I need to call and see if they have an opening.   

Well I think that is is, not much this week.  Next week I want to try and put together a list of my maternity wardrobe staples.   

Monday, November 10, 2014

Unknowingly Nesting

I totally started working on this post last night with the intention of getting it published but then my eyes started to close and Jeremy got back from his run and needed my computer to finish his school work and well here we are it is Monday morning and I am trying again.   We are having horrible luck with our computers right now.  

We had such a good weekend.   Things finally got done on our checklist and as I was tearing apart my stroller to clean off the banana that Brighton mashed all over it back in March I realized I am probably nesting.  I have this uncontrollable need to purge... nothing is safe.  But I will take it because this is all stuff that is long over due.    

I am making another batch of chicken noodle soup today because I love it so much for lunch.  

This has been the layout of our living room since we moved in 3 years ago.  Furniture has been added or changed out but otherwise it has stuck like this and I am sick of it.  Mostly I am sick of the focus of the living room being around the tv.   

So Saturday we tried this layout.  My intention was to mount the tv on the wall and find a roll down map to cover it when we weren't using it but I don't like it.  There is now a huge glare on the tv from the windows so we have to close off all the light in our living room to see the tv.   I think next I am going to try the tv on the mantle behind the pallet sign.   

Ugly shoe basket

Beautiful shoe shelf.   Thank goodness for a handy husband, I tell him what I want, occasionally draw him a horrible picture and then he builds it.  

Hamburgers.  He loves me so much.

If you have been reading at all for the last 2 years, you know I have a love affair with my Baby Jogger City Select Stroller.   But after taking it apart to clean it Sunday, I love it even more.  The longest part of the process was taking the sunshade apart to clean it.  I am all for baby stuff that is super easy to clean.  If you plan on having more than one kid, I highly recommend you buy a stroller that can grow with your family.  Yes the price tag is more but think about the single and double stroller you will end up buying because you tried to save money.

Jeremy has been so busy between school, work, and drill that the kids are really missing him.  Sunday he went into Eldon's room to play cars and ended up with all 3 kiddos in there.

A little park time.   Eldon has been begging to ride his bike on the road for weeks now but we just haven't had anytime to make to the park.  Sunday we made it a priority.   We were thinking of getting the kids a trampoline for Christmas but I think we are going to get new bike stuff instead so we can take family rides.

We also had a huge break through, he finally is unbuckling his carseat!   This will be a huge help when he moves back to the 3rd row in March.

Honey crisp apples and dove chocolates.  2 of my favorite things.

I think this was our biggest project of all this weekend.  We took the toy box out of Bristol's room, purged some toys, threw away the broken ones and came up with a whole new storage system.  

I need to buy another blue tub for the doll stuff but for now the laundry basket is filling in.  We also need to make a trip to Ikea for dressers.  One for Bristol's room and one for Eldon and Brighton's current room.

Eventually we plan to move Brighton's crib to where the doll house and put the new baby in with Eldon.

So there was my weekend.   It was nice to stay home and get a few things crossed of the list especially with the holidays quickly approaching.

This week is going to be a good week as well.  Jeremy and I celebrate our 9 year anniversary on Wednesday and we have the Marine Corps Birthday Ball this weekend.  3 glorious days without children, well I guess its only like 1 1/2 because we are dropping them off late Friday and picking the up early afternoon Sunday.  But still, we might actually get to sleep in Sunday morning.  
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