Thursday, October 9, 2014

Today I am...

Top//Target maternity

Today I am...

enjoying a hot cup of coffee.

actually getting to sit down for 10 minutes before we rush out the door to do drop offs.

loving my new maternity tops.  They are long and I think they will actually cover my 9 month belly at the end.

looking forward to cooler days with booties and sweaters.  Because I about died wearing these booties last Saturday.

trying to get use to my new travel mug and really enjoying the spill proof feature.

reading Kathleen Brook's Bluegrass series for free.

getting ready to start a James Dobson parenting book.

listening to Brighton scream at me because I dared to buckle her in her high chair instead of let her stand in it and dance.  Mean mommy alert.

hoping that I can get all of my house work done this morning so I can enjoy 4 wonderful, work and school free days with my husband.

wishing that my new shoes would get here today instead of tomorrow.

trying to decide on a fun family activity for this weekend.  I really want to do the pumpkin patch but I am craving Cafe Rio which is closer to the zoo.

excited that we get to go pick up my new to me Poang chair for the nursery when Jeremy gets home.  I was waiting for it to go on sale at IKEA but I don't think it would have gone on sale for $20.

wearing a really old pair of maternity jeans that are about 3 sizes too big for me and trying to decide if I want to take them in or try and pass them off as "boyfriend" jeans.

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