Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My Tuesday Randomness

Sweater//Old Navy
Shirt//Target Maternity
Skirt//Target non maternity
Scarf//Groopdealz or Jane.com

What a wonderful weekend we had.  One day I will go back to taking regular pictures of my kids but for now you are stuck with my outfit pictures.   My house stayed cleaned, I finally got all of the laundry folded and put away thanks to my amazing husband helping me out, and the kids had an awesome few days.

We hit up the Pumpkin Patch for the 4th year in a row.  Jeremy's brother and his family joined us but there isn't any photographic evidence of this because that would mean I am on top of things.

I am loving my ballerina shoes. And I have gotten quite a few compliments on them.  Normally I can't wear flats at all because they tear up my heels but these ones gave me a tiny little blister and that is it.  I dare say they are just as comfortable as my beloved Toms.  I wonder if I can convince Jeremy that I have to have them in nude as well...

The last 2 times we left town, the TV hasn't been on in the car. The first trip the kids did end up watching a movie for about and hour because I sick of listening too them ask "when are we going to see grandma and grandpa? But otherwise the TV has been off.

Saturday we wondered through the bedding section at Target and found quilts for both of the big kids beds. Now we need to kick Eldon out of his crib and get his big boy bed built. And they were both on clearance, score!  Now that I think about it I guess I should have bought 2 of the girl quilts so one day when Brighton is in a big girl bed she can have matching bedding.

I think that is it for today.

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