Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Our Weekend

What a crazy weekend this turned out to be.   Yesterday my cousin got married, what a beautiful bride she was.  It was a wonderful ceremony and beautiful venue. My aunt recommended a wonderful babysitter for us who was amazing, I am so glad it worked out for us to go. Jeremy and I got a few hours of togetherness that we have seriously been missing since he started school. 

The sitter took the kids to a pumpkin patch yesterday... Brave lady.

Friday we ended up running out of town as well, Jeremy had to take the trailer back to his brother and while we were down there we needed to get Bristol a new pair of school shoes because her feet are growing like crazy along with our usual trips to Costco, target, and what seemed like the rest of the world.  

Saturday we met with the midwife to discuss home birthing which I will talk about more tomorrow.   We also attempted to tackle our mile long to do list but the thing about tackling mile long to do list with children is, it just wasn't possible to get everything done.   I think I may have gotten 2 very small things crossed off my list and I don't think Jeremy finished anything he tried to do.  Maybe next weekend!

Now I need to get the house back in order and the kiddos back on a normal schedule after 4 days of loosey goosey.  Oh and vacuum the gold fish out of the car.

Did I also mention that I refuse to go anywhere for a few weeks, I think Brighton agrees because she has yelled at her carseat everytime I opened her side of the car today.    

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