Friday, October 17, 2014


I am exhausted today, I cleaned way too much yesterday but a clean house means a happy mommy.  It was a good week this week.  I am not saying we didn't have our usual struggles but it was enjoyable.  Wednesday I was sitting on the couch reading, all 3 kids were running around playing, and I looked at Jeremy and said "God has blessed us with an amazing life."  In that moment I was feeling so much joy and happiness.    

 He is all boy.  Yet he can run in high heels better than his sister!   If you were to ask me if I am hoping for a boy or girl this time around, I would say boy.  I agree with Bristol, Eldon needs a brother.   But I wont be sad if we get another girl, and Eldon will get lots of "manly" time with Jeremy because he plans to live in a tent in the wilderness for a week every month when puberty hits.
 "Mom can't you see I am playing in this ball pit, leave me alone!"

 Brighton has stolen this chair, it is her chair and if you try and sit in it she yells at you.  I think she will be getting the kid sized one for Christmas. I also love her "granny" sweater as Jeremy calls it.  If they made it in mine and Bristol's size I would buy us each one even though I am against the whole sister/mother matching thing.

 One thing I have learned in my whole wheat baking adventures, flour matters.   The cheap store brand stuff or even the cheaper name brands cook weird and taste funky.  Admittedly I only use King Arthur flour for my white and wheat flour.  The cheapest place I have found to buy it is Target and when I find a Target that sells it I usually buy 4 or 5 bags because it is half the price of the grocery store.
 Can it be considered cross stitch if I am just making things up as I go?  I have a ton of sewing stuff I need to do but my sewing area is such a mess that I can't bring myself to go over there.  It is in desperate need of reorganization and more storage space, so instead I sat in my comfy chair and worked on this for a few hours.

 I am pretty sure Brighton is going to have allergies just as bad as Eldon, Monday she woke up from her nap and all she wanted to do was snuggle with big sissy.  They sat there for like 30 minutes, it was the cutest thing.

 Jeremy made the comment the other day that he is shocked that I love having a reptile so much because if you know me, I wont even go near the reptile house at the zoo.  But Bo doesn't slither.  He is actually pretty cool little dude.  Had the kids asked for a turtle or a tortoise, never in a million years would I have said yes but I am happy this little dude was dropped into our yard.   I actually wouldn't mind getting him a buddy.

 Parenting is hard and we are majorly failing Bristol right now.  I am reading this book in hopes that it gives me a new angle.  I plan to do a post on my struggles because they are real and should be shared.

I used our milk for the waffles this morning before I realized I didn't have another gallon in the garage fridge.   Which meant there was nothing for me to make my daily latte with.  The thought of running in to the store for a gallon of milk was too much.  I should have used the $5 to get a gallon of milk instead of buying this.  

And that was our week.  This weekend we are just hanging around the house.  I really have to finish baby Nathan's bedding and send it of to Italy so I can start working on the decorations for the baby shower I am hosting in a few weeks.  

Happy Friday

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  1. King Arthur is the best. I love their catalog and recipe blog too!


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