Friday, October 3, 2014


Another week, another Friday of instagram pictures.

 Couch washing day, is adventure day for Eldon.  He was pretending to be a frog and jumping from cushion to cushion.

 I love the rain and the beautiful show it puts on.  We didn't get the rain but we did get a very nice sky for a little while.

 I am working on the bedding for my newest little nephew Nathan.

 It had been a while since we had scones.  We may or may not have had them twice this week it might have happened a 3rd time if we hadn't run out of craisins.

 Lego's.  They are kind of like Barbies, something we didn't plan on doing with our kids.  Barbies are still on the no list.  But Bristol likes to build and craft, she is definitely mine and Jeremy's kid.  So when she got money for her birthday, I decided to suggest she look at a Lego set.  Her and Jeremy sat at the table for 3 hours building that thing.  I have never seen her follow directions so well.  We may have to become a Lego family.

My sunroof has been open all week.  I love this thing.  When we were picking out a new to me SUV 3 years ago there were a few things I knew I had to have; leather, 3rd row, rear air but my number 1 must have was a sunroof.  It makes me happy.  

 These kids are outside 90% of the time we are home.  Eldon comes home from school and goes straight outside, same with Bristol.  It is pure torture when I make them stop playing to come in and doing something as silly as eat or sleep.   The only other thing that will willingly get them inside is a little electronic entertainment but we haven't been doing that a whole lot lately.  Other than my nap time Gilmore Girls marathon the only thing that has been on the tv these days is Pandora and I am loving it.  Of course I typed the first part of this last night, Eldon is currently watching Curious George on the iPad while I blog and then do my morning devotion.    

 And the dare devil.   Bristol was 4 1/2 before I let her play outside on her own, Eldon 3.   Brighton goes out back with the big 2 all the time.  Granted I am usually in the kitchen fixing a meal so I am watching her the whole time but boy do things change by the time you get to the 3rd kid.  Bristol and Eldon are really good at watching her and making sure she isn't doing anything she isn't supposed to do.
 Sometimes lunch consist of the very unhealthy cold, leftover pizza from the night before because according to Bristol "everyone brings pizza for lunch".

 We were enjoying our last Tuesday morning together before he started school.

 I am so happy we did this.  He is loving preschool.

 Best. Show.  Ever
 We spend a lot of time in the car waiting on big brother and sister.   These are Brighton's favorite toys and she gets really mad when her brother and sister want to play with them and she is left out.  I think we will get her one of her own this weekend.

I was trying to protect him from little toddler hands and dog noses but he was determined to escape.  

That is it for pictures this week.  We are back to having busy weekends.  Tomorrow I have a bridal shower to go to along with a major Costco shopping trip, we are out of all our staples.  

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  1. Oh that little turtle is so cute! Hope he didn't get stuck.


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