Thursday, October 2, 2014

Eldon's first day of preschool

Let me start out by saying that I didn't get to make a huge deal out of this like I did for Bristol.  We had 6 months to prepare for when her first day of school would be.  We were able to line up a babysitter for the morning of and Jeremy was able to take off work.  Since he just started his new job and already had to take 2 days off the first week because of a "weekend" drill, we didn't think it was best for him to be asking for more time off especially because he takes time off to come to all my doctor appointments.

Since I couldn't take him to breakfast Wednesday morning, we went to get donuts and did the park on Tuesday after we dropped Bristol off at school.   

Wednesday morning when I went to wake him up, he mumbled and grumbled until I reminded him it was his first day of school and then he jumped out of bed and was dressed in about .05 seconds.

He was not happy with having to wait until 8:25 to go to the class especially since we have about 30 minutes between dropping Bristol off and dropping him off where I like to sit in the car and drink my still kind of warm coffee.

When I picked him up after school, he was not happy to leave.  He wanted to go back and play.  I think he had fun.   I don't think he will be happy that Bristol gets to go to school on Fridays and he doesn't. But he does get to spend the mornings with mommy or should I say outside with his trucks because that is his favorite.  

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