Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Baby #4-- 17 weeks

Top// h&m maternity
Jeans// J Jeans maternity
Shoes//Jessica Simpson

I was telling a group of friends yesterday, I know I am pregnant, it is hard to forget when I look downward but I forget I am pregnant a lot of the time.   Normally I am counting down the days to my next appointment, ultrasound, or whatever it is that needs to be done but this time, I am just kind of slowing down.  Maybe it is because this is #4 or the thought of adding yet another appointment/place to be to my life right now is just too much for me but the truth is, I am enjoying being a little lazy.  I have done this 4 times now.   I am in no rush, have no desire to go spend 2 hours at the doctors office just to pee in a cup, be told that I need to drink water and eat healthy, and then hear the peanuts heartbeat.

Other news, I am still down about 6-7 pounds but I am eating pretty regularly now.   I also have a serious weakness for snicker doodles as long as they aren't made with coconut sugar.  I have discovered that I definitely do not like coconut sugar.  I am still pretty tired and lack motivation to do anything.   I have been getting more and more round ligament pain, I need to add in yoga.  

That is about it.

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