Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Baby #4--16 weeks

I was not feeling the belly picture yesterday, actually I just wasn't feeling up to do much of anything.   My exhaustion is horrible this week.  I pass out on the couch around 8, somewhere around 10-10:30 Jeremy wakes me up enough to convince me to move to the bed and then I pass back out until my alarm starts going off at 5.   And the only reason I am getting up that early is because that is the only non kid time I get to spend with Jeremy right now since as soon as the kids are asleep, I am asleep.

If yoga pants and running pants didn't make my belly ache I would probably be living in them but they hurt really bad which just stinks.

My appetite has disappeared again.  Friday night I was so looking forward to going out of town so we could eat at a few of my favorite places but Saturday morning I woke up and my desire to eat vanished.  I had this same problem with Eldon and if I remember correctly my appetite came back somewhere around 17-18 weeks.  

Bristol is swearing it is a boy this time.  Anytime someone asks her, she responds "it is a boy baby for Eldon."  Daddy is on that same train.  I don't have a definite feeling but this pregnancy is reminding me a lot of Eldon's.  Extreme exhaustion, no appetite, while I have stopped losing weight I haven't started gaining it back, and I seem to be carrying low.   The minute Brighton started kicking me in the ribs, I was pretty firmly in the girl camp since Bristol loved to kick my ribs as well so we will see what happens when this little one starts beating up my insides. But we will know for sure in 24 weeks.

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