Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Our Weekend

What a crazy weekend this turned out to be.   Yesterday my cousin got married, what a beautiful bride she was.  It was a wonderful ceremony and beautiful venue. My aunt recommended a wonderful babysitter for us who was amazing, I am so glad it worked out for us to go. Jeremy and I got a few hours of togetherness that we have seriously been missing since he started school. 

The sitter took the kids to a pumpkin patch yesterday... Brave lady.

Friday we ended up running out of town as well, Jeremy had to take the trailer back to his brother and while we were down there we needed to get Bristol a new pair of school shoes because her feet are growing like crazy along with our usual trips to Costco, target, and what seemed like the rest of the world.  

Saturday we met with the midwife to discuss home birthing which I will talk about more tomorrow.   We also attempted to tackle our mile long to do list but the thing about tackling mile long to do list with children is, it just wasn't possible to get everything done.   I think I may have gotten 2 very small things crossed off my list and I don't think Jeremy finished anything he tried to do.  Maybe next weekend!

Now I need to get the house back in order and the kiddos back on a normal schedule after 4 days of loosey goosey.  Oh and vacuum the gold fish out of the car.

Did I also mention that I refuse to go anywhere for a few weeks, I think Brighton agrees because she has yelled at her carseat everytime I opened her side of the car today.    

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Baby #4// 18 weeks and 3 things

Top//H&M Maternity
Scarf//Local Boutique
Jeans//Forever 21
Shoes//Jessica Simpson

And because I have nothing to update you on this week, shocker right? I am going to bore you with 3 things I really want for baby #4.

Peg Perego Viaggio 30/30--We decided on this carseat for the baby.  Not so much a want but a need.  Hopefully I like it more than the Maxi Cosi we had with Brighton.

Lily Jade Elizabeth--I love my current diaper bag but when it wears out I am getting this bag.  I love it.  It is huge and has a pocket for everything and a cross body strap, and outside pockets... it really should be named Savanna.

4 Moms MamaRoo--I really wish the MamaRoo was around when Bristol was born because I would have registered for it but now with baby #4 I can't bring myself to buy it for just one kid.  Even though I really want it.

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Monday, October 20, 2014


Top//H&M Maternity
Vest//Old Navy
Jeans//Old Navy
Shoes//Jessica Simpson
Earrings//Charming Charlie

This weekend wasn't the greatest.   I was already majorly struggling with this whole parenting thing and then Jeremy was gone for drill Saturday and Sunday and it was just a little too much.   With him doing school, we already see very little of him.  But I am so very proud of what he is doing for our family right now.  Working full time, school, and drill plus still helping out any chance he can it is a lot but he does it.

Another reason I was bummed is because I thought we were going to get some kid free time next week when we were supposed to go to my cousins wedding but it looks like that isn't going to be happening so now we have to wait a whole  month for us time and that is just too long.

But this is life.   Some seasons will be easier than others.  Some are just plan hard.

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Friday, October 17, 2014


I am exhausted today, I cleaned way too much yesterday but a clean house means a happy mommy.  It was a good week this week.  I am not saying we didn't have our usual struggles but it was enjoyable.  Wednesday I was sitting on the couch reading, all 3 kids were running around playing, and I looked at Jeremy and said "God has blessed us with an amazing life."  In that moment I was feeling so much joy and happiness.    

 He is all boy.  Yet he can run in high heels better than his sister!   If you were to ask me if I am hoping for a boy or girl this time around, I would say boy.  I agree with Bristol, Eldon needs a brother.   But I wont be sad if we get another girl, and Eldon will get lots of "manly" time with Jeremy because he plans to live in a tent in the wilderness for a week every month when puberty hits.
 "Mom can't you see I am playing in this ball pit, leave me alone!"

 Brighton has stolen this chair, it is her chair and if you try and sit in it she yells at you.  I think she will be getting the kid sized one for Christmas. I also love her "granny" sweater as Jeremy calls it.  If they made it in mine and Bristol's size I would buy us each one even though I am against the whole sister/mother matching thing.

 One thing I have learned in my whole wheat baking adventures, flour matters.   The cheap store brand stuff or even the cheaper name brands cook weird and taste funky.  Admittedly I only use King Arthur flour for my white and wheat flour.  The cheapest place I have found to buy it is Target and when I find a Target that sells it I usually buy 4 or 5 bags because it is half the price of the grocery store.
 Can it be considered cross stitch if I am just making things up as I go?  I have a ton of sewing stuff I need to do but my sewing area is such a mess that I can't bring myself to go over there.  It is in desperate need of reorganization and more storage space, so instead I sat in my comfy chair and worked on this for a few hours.

 I am pretty sure Brighton is going to have allergies just as bad as Eldon, Monday she woke up from her nap and all she wanted to do was snuggle with big sissy.  They sat there for like 30 minutes, it was the cutest thing.

 Jeremy made the comment the other day that he is shocked that I love having a reptile so much because if you know me, I wont even go near the reptile house at the zoo.  But Bo doesn't slither.  He is actually pretty cool little dude.  Had the kids asked for a turtle or a tortoise, never in a million years would I have said yes but I am happy this little dude was dropped into our yard.   I actually wouldn't mind getting him a buddy.

 Parenting is hard and we are majorly failing Bristol right now.  I am reading this book in hopes that it gives me a new angle.  I plan to do a post on my struggles because they are real and should be shared.

I used our milk for the waffles this morning before I realized I didn't have another gallon in the garage fridge.   Which meant there was nothing for me to make my daily latte with.  The thought of running in to the store for a gallon of milk was too much.  I should have used the $5 to get a gallon of milk instead of buying this.  

And that was our week.  This weekend we are just hanging around the house.  I really have to finish baby Nathan's bedding and send it of to Italy so I can start working on the decorations for the baby shower I am hosting in a few weeks.  

Happy Friday

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Baby #4-- 17 weeks

Top// h&m maternity
Jeans// J Jeans maternity
Shoes//Jessica Simpson

I was telling a group of friends yesterday, I know I am pregnant, it is hard to forget when I look downward but I forget I am pregnant a lot of the time.   Normally I am counting down the days to my next appointment, ultrasound, or whatever it is that needs to be done but this time, I am just kind of slowing down.  Maybe it is because this is #4 or the thought of adding yet another appointment/place to be to my life right now is just too much for me but the truth is, I am enjoying being a little lazy.  I have done this 4 times now.   I am in no rush, have no desire to go spend 2 hours at the doctors office just to pee in a cup, be told that I need to drink water and eat healthy, and then hear the peanuts heartbeat.

Other news, I am still down about 6-7 pounds but I am eating pretty regularly now.   I also have a serious weakness for snicker doodles as long as they aren't made with coconut sugar.  I have discovered that I definitely do not like coconut sugar.  I am still pretty tired and lack motivation to do anything.   I have been getting more and more round ligament pain, I need to add in yoga.  

That is about it.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My Tuesday Randomness

Sweater//Old Navy
Shirt//Target Maternity
Skirt//Target non maternity
Scarf//Groopdealz or Jane.com

What a wonderful weekend we had.  One day I will go back to taking regular pictures of my kids but for now you are stuck with my outfit pictures.   My house stayed cleaned, I finally got all of the laundry folded and put away thanks to my amazing husband helping me out, and the kids had an awesome few days.

We hit up the Pumpkin Patch for the 4th year in a row.  Jeremy's brother and his family joined us but there isn't any photographic evidence of this because that would mean I am on top of things.

I am loving my ballerina shoes. And I have gotten quite a few compliments on them.  Normally I can't wear flats at all because they tear up my heels but these ones gave me a tiny little blister and that is it.  I dare say they are just as comfortable as my beloved Toms.  I wonder if I can convince Jeremy that I have to have them in nude as well...

The last 2 times we left town, the TV hasn't been on in the car. The first trip the kids did end up watching a movie for about and hour because I sick of listening too them ask "when are we going to see grandma and grandpa? But otherwise the TV has been off.

Saturday we wondered through the bedding section at Target and found quilts for both of the big kids beds. Now we need to kick Eldon out of his crib and get his big boy bed built. And they were both on clearance, score!  Now that I think about it I guess I should have bought 2 of the girl quilts so one day when Brighton is in a big girl bed she can have matching bedding.

I think that is it for today.

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Pumpkin Patch 2014

looking back at our family picture attempts...

October 2013

October 2012

October 2011

Friday, October 10, 2014

Instafriday//New shoes

 I almost always wear a cardigan.  It is rare to see me in something that doesn't cover my arms so when it is 50 degrees in the morning and 90 in the afternoon, I find it very hard to get dressed.  That is 2 different sweaters.
 I love watching these 2 play together.  Bristol and Eldon's play is dominated by what Bristol wants to do.  So it is usually loud and crazy.  Eldon and Brighton's is usually centered around Eldon's preferences which means they sit in their room and play trucks for hours at a time.  The quietness is both wonderful and very terrifying.

 Bristol and I had a bridal shower to get all fancy for, Eldon has a car show to go too.  I would love to wear this outfit everyday but I hate shaving my legs.

 New, full produce baskets.  

 This was a new style of Aidells to us.  It was good but definitely not going to cook it the way I did again.  Way too powerful.

 She is rocking transitional kindergarten.  

 Sandwhich kabobs.  Bristol is so much like Jeremy in the way she eats.  If she could, she would eat a salad for every meal where as I don't think a salad makes a meal.   So getting her to eat sandwiches on a daily basis is a chore, these kabobs with crackers seem to be a hit.

My IKEA Poang chair that Jeremy scored for $20.   This was on my baby #4 wish list.  I sold my very uncomfortable to sleep in rocker when we found out we were pregnant with the intent of buying a Poang chair as soon as it went on an IKEA family sale.   But you can't beat $20.  Maybe once I decide on a scheme for the new baby's bedding, I will either recover it or pain the frame but for now it is going to hang out in the living room.   I can't decide if my IKEA couch or chair is more comfortable.  Now we need to get a new infant carry, 2 new dressers, and Eldon's bed built and we will be ready.  Thankfully March is still 5 months away.

 In all honesty, I don't feel like a mom.  Yes I have 3 soon to be 4 kids but I still have a hard time believing class bake sales, parent-teacher conferences, school pick up and drop off is my new reality.  

I have been looking at these shoes for a couple weeks now, Jeremy was totally cool with me buying them but he wanted me to actually go to a store to try them on so I didn't have to do the whole return thing.   Well I ended up getting them off of Amazon after trying unsuccessfully to make it to the mall and wouldn't you know, I had to return the first pair for being a tad to small.  My replacements came just in time for a trip to the Pumpkin Patch tomorrow.  

And that is about it folks.

I am looking forward to our 3 day weekend and a trip to the Pumpkin Patch for the 4th year in row.  What fun things do yo have in store for this holiday weekend?

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