Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What I Wore// Baby #4

In case you missed the post yesterday, we are pregnant with baby #4.

Ollee photo bomb 

vest//Old Navy
top and shoes//Target
Jeans// J Jeans maternity via ThredUp

See that little bump hiding under my vest, who are we kidding, it isn't little.   I wish I was one of those women who either is small during pregnancy or avoided showing until like 20 weeks.  Nope, not happening here.

I love this vest. My maternity jeans don't have pockets, so I throw this on so I have somewhere to puy my keys and phone during drop off and pick up at school.

Yes, this is our last.

Yes, it was planned.

So far this pregnancy has been so so.  For the first 9 weeks or so I pretty much had motion sickness.  Anytime I moved, I would get nauseous.  I really didn't eat much.  Weeks 9 and 10 were a little better the motion sickness went away but the desire to eat didn't return.  Then this last week or so it has been quite a bit better. I have days were I can eat and days were I can't eat but I am surviving.   Mostly by telling myself that this is the last time I have to do this and it makes it all better or at least more bearable.  I am really tired.  I usually try to get all my cleaning done before 11:30, 1 because Brighton is napping and 2 because once I sit down for lunch with the kids at noon I don't get back up until it is time to pick Bristol up.  By 7pm I am ready to pass out and I usually do fall asleep most nights on the couch about 8.  Which is why I really haven't been blogging because I usually do it during nap time and after bed time but these days I am sleeping at those times.

The story behind the reveal picture...
reveal photo by the fabulous Cinnamon Wolfe Photography

Bristol's sign says "I prayed".... We had been trying since about January time.   Around March Bristol started asking regularly when we were going to have another baby, well actually she wanted 2 babies.  We kept telling her she would have to ask God because it was up to him.  So every few nights when we were saying our bedtime prayers she would pray that mommy would have a baby in her tummy.    Her prayers were answered... well partially because there is only 1 baby in my tummy.

Eldon could really care less.  He knows I am pregnant but unless it involves monster trucks, tow trucks, garbage trucks, or heavy machinery, it doesn't register on his boy radar.  So when I was asking what we should write on his sign, he blurted out "I want a monster truck".  Cutest thing in the world.  

And for Miss Uncooperative Brighton's sign.  We have joked for a while that Brighton works really hard at making sure she stays the baby.  I envisioned her holding this sign while crying but she wouldn't cooperate at all.  In fact, she was so darn happy every time Cinnamon pointed the camera at her it was slightly frustrating.  At one point during the photo shoot she started to cry so we gave her back her sign and as soon as Cinnamon pointed the camera at her, she stopped crying.  So like Brighton.  

And that is that.  I think that is all I have this morning.  Next week I will start my weekly update pictures.  

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  1. So excited for you! Love the reveal!! And love the outfit. Totally something I would wear. Minus the maternity jeans. ;-)


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