Friday, September 26, 2014


My week was an interesting one.  Jeremy was gone from Wednesday-Sunday last week so this week it was super nice to have him home.  At the beginning of this week I was feeling on top of the world.  Our house was staying clean everyday, there wasn't any laundry in the baskets, and I managed to have dinner on the table every night when Jeremy walked in the door.  Then Thursday, my floor cleaning day, Brighton woke up an hour early from her nap and just like that my on top of the world feeling suddenly came crashing down and I was feeling overwhelmed.  Thankfully I got everything else on my to do list crossed off by the end of the day, but I no longer felt like I had it all together.  Isn't it crazy how one tiny, trivial thing like the baby waking up early can change my whole attitude toward the day?

 That hole she is proudly sitting in is her brothers unauthorized dirt pit.  That is Eldon staring her down.
 Can you see tiny little Bo the Tortoise?  Eldon is protecting him from Blondie.   The whole time Bo is grazing, Eldon sits there and watches over him.  They are buddies even if Bo isn't on board yet.
 I lied, one more birthday picture post.   I am still working on her 5th birthday post.  Putting the pictures together was an experience.   Sad and happy but mostly one of disbelief, I can't believe how fast 5 years went by.

 She looks so happy for a kid who hadn't napped all day, right?  About 20 minutes later she went into break down mode.  Also, this girl knows how to accessorize.

We get beautiful sunsets here in the desert.  In fact, I think desert sunsets are some of my favorite.  Being able to see the sky for miles and the colors.   This night we were having a rare cloudy, stormy night it was combined with the pinks and purples of the sunset and it was beautiful.  We didn't get any of the storm but it sure did put on a pretty show.  

 I don't want to say that I enjoyed Jeremy being gone because that is so far from the truth.  I sleep horribly and miss him like crazy but it went smoother than it normally does.  The kids did really well.  Brighton started missing him Saturday but otherwise we didn't have too many hiccups.  Other than little things like me not shutting the garage fridge door all the way so the milk I just bought to get us through the weekend went bad.  But it worked out.  By Sunday afternoon we were all ready for him to be home, so I turned on the TV and we vegged for a little bit.

 I am loving this girl's new desire to cuddle with me.  14 long months of waiting finally paid off.

 This is the truth in our house.  Anyone who knows us, knows both Jeremy and I have a serious coffee addiction.  When I saw this sign on pinterest a few months back both Jeremy and I fell in love with it.  Unfortunately there is no where to put it in our kitchen so I decided it needed to make its way on to our chalk board.
 Mommy was making dinner and daddy was keeping his girls happy.

 Eldon is going to preschool.   Celebration time!!! Actually, I hesitated to enroll him when I got the call that a spot had opened up and he was first on the waiting list.  In the mornings when Brighton is taking her nap, it is just the 2 of us and I love our time together.  He is so much fun.   But he is also not getting any regular social interaction these days.  In Colorado we were at church 2 days a week, we had bible study, and then a weekly MOPs meeting.  My kids were around other kids all the time, here, not so much. So I felt it was important to put him in for this stage of our lives.  I know he is going to love it, he has been begging to go to school since Bristol started in August.

Thank you notes are being written, we may be done by Christmas.

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