Monday, September 22, 2014

My current favorite outfit and a few weekend thoughts

Top//Target Maternity
Vest//Old Navy
Earrings//Charming Charlies

My tripod decided it wanted to get creative and take lopsided photos.  I fixed it as much as I could in Lightroom, but there wasn't enough picture to work with in that last photo.

A white t-shirt, stripped pencil skirt, and military vest... these are my 3 favorite things in my closet right now.  Add my favorite pair of earring and strappy-sandals that my pregnant feet do not like and we have a perfect outfit.  Last week, because Jeremy was gone I didn't put on make up from Wednesday to Sunday and I didn't even bother to do my hair or get out of my not-worked-out-in work out clothes on Saturday or Sunday. It was bad, I was a slob.  So this week I am trying to get back into dressing everyday.  I feel much better about myself and my days tend to be a lot more productive.

Can I also tell you how happy I am to have the husband home!  I know we do it every month and we are lucky that it is for only a few days at a time but I sure do miss him.  We don't really get to talk much when he is gone which is super hard because I love texting him meaningless things like how my car came back bug infested or how I want cereal but I am to lazy to get off the couch and if he was here he could do it for me.   It was actually a good, smooth 5 days though, which isn't something I can always say.  I think Bristol being in school helped it go by faster.   Brighton started missing him a lot on Saturday.  So much so that when he walked in the door Sunday evening she just stared at him for a few seconds before giggling and running up to him.  The big 2 did the same thing, it took them a few minutes to realize who was home.

That is it for weekend pictures.  One of these days I will get back into taking my daily photos and get caught up with 365 but lately I just haven't felt like taking a whole lot of pictures, which is a shame because I love the memories.

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  1. Love the cargo vest with the striped pencil skirt, it looks great on you!!
    from the link up,
    please stop by, jess


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