Friday, September 5, 2014

Instafriday//Birthday Week

These last few weeks have been wonderful and my stress levels have been at a low for the most part.   Last week I posted a picture of celebration drinks at Starbucks, what I didn't tell you is we were celebrating Jeremy getting a new job.  Such an answer to prayer.  He has been miserable for the last year but hasn't had any luck finding anything but as usual, in God's time, he was offered a new job and starts on the 15th.  He is most excited because he is leaving the mechanic field and training to be a CNC machinist.   While going to school to be an engineer.  Life is crazy for him.  I also know that it is an answered pray for our friends and family here in California because it means we will be staying for at least another 2 years.  

My birthday week was amazing, even if I did forget about it.  Wednesday morning as my alarm was going off, I jokingly told Jeremy he should call into work so he could take Bristol to school for me.  Well he didn't call in but he had already arranged it with his bosses and co workers to take Bristol to school.  This was the perfect birthday gift. It meant Brighton and Eldon didn't get woken up once from sleeping/naps to do pick up or drop off so they were both in great moods.   Totally what I needed for the day.  We are still having a really had time figuring out a sleep schedule on school days.

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 The most convenient IKEA to us has horrible parking.  It is in the middle of a mall in Burbank and the only place to park is in the parking structure and then you have to drive around the whole mall to get into the pick up area.  Since the truck doesn't have AC our only option was taking my SUV with a trailer but because of the crazy parking situation you cant really use a trailer.  So after researching it, I found the the Ektorp sectional fits inside a mini van.  I thought, well surely it should fit inside my Toyota Sequoia.  Not so much.  Only two of the boxes fit.  The interior of my SUV isn't quite as tall as a mini van apparently.   Oh well, I will still never willingly own a mini van.

 Thankfully the other one fit on the roof.

 Brighton was insisting on climbing all over the couch while we were trying to put it together, so she got a little time in furniture box jail.  I don't think she realized it was a punishment though.

Also a little side note, I have now put together a few pieces of furniture from IKEA and I haven't had extra parts, missing parts, or a hard time reading the picture directions.

We have been putting Bo in the grass in the evenings to find his own food.  Jeremy calls it "taking Bo to the buffet"  Yesterday he took a nibble out of my foot and shoe as part of his buffet.

 Yes I know most people think I am crazy for getting a white couch with 3 kids and 3 dogs but you are forgetting something, bleach.  My couch is fully washable and bleachable.  Best thing ever.  Our last couches were microfiber and while they said they were spill friendly they were most definitely not.  Those things look horrible.  And cleaning them was a pain.

So far we are a week in and the couches are looking great, I think I will probably end up washing them ever 2 weeks at this point but maybe I will be able to stretch it out more.

 It is really comfortable for naps.  Just ask the anti napping almost 5 year old.

 As soon as I threw these new throw pillows on the couch I realized my curtains no longer work.  Oh well, I guess I will have to sew up some new ones.  

 When she smiles, we all smile.  When she isn't smiling, we all hide.  I am joking, kind of, maybe, not really.  It is the truth.

 Our countdown has begun.  Now we are down to 4 days.

 The dogs finally spotted Bo, after almost stepping on him several times.  

 She got her shoes so she could go out in the garage with daddy.  All of my kids love hanging in the garage with Jeremy.

 Birthday cinnamon rolls in bed.

 Birthday hamburgers, homemade buns, and sweet potato fries.  This is my favorite meal.  Jeremy makes a killer burger and an amazing hamburger bun.  He ask for lasagna for every special dinner, I ask for hamburgers and buns.

Let's play spot Bo.    Eldon doesn't leave Bo's side when he is on the grass.  Brighton, well normally she isn't allowed to come near him with her clumsy toddler feet.   It is still weird calling her a toddler.

That is it for this week.  I think we are going to head to the zoo tomorrow for Bristol's birthday.  Just a fun little trip for the 5 of us.   And Sunday she is 5.  Boy did those 5 years go quick.  

Have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Visiting you from Life Rearranged's linkup. Your kiddos are super cute! I will have to come back to hear how the white couch is working out. We currently have microfiber and I completely agree - doesn't clean well. I have considered the white couch route but I'm still a little freaked out about white sofas. Are the IKEA couches comfortable to sit on??

    oh and one more thing…I'm with you on the minivan thing! Never in a million years. ;)


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