Friday, September 19, 2014

Instafriday: The last of the birthday post, School, and Life in General

I promise these are the last of the birthday post you will see on my instagram feed until January when Eldon turns 4.   

 Bristol never tells me about her day at school but she pretend plays everything with Eldon when she gets home.  Friday my parents were here so she made my dad play along instead of Eldon.

 Our rainbow theme was a success!   Several people offered to bring food to this party and normally I am all for it but the food was part of the theme so I ended up doing all of it and I am so happy with how it turned out.  Especially the stinkin jello.

A few weeks ago when we adventured down to IKEA, the La Zoo, and Cafe Rio we also took a short pit stop at Buy Buy Baby.  They have a huge selection of carseats in the store that aren't Graco or Baby Trend, neither of which brands will we buy.  I really liked the colors of Brighton's car seat but she outgrew it at like 4 months so we have to buy another one for this last baby that will actually get us to the 7 or 8 month mark before we move it over to a convertible.  A lot of carseats work with my stroller but we have ruled them out for one reason or another.  So I wanted to check out the Peg Pergo in person.   And I wanted to see how it would fit a extremely long 14 month old.   It wasn't even to the last shoulder strap setting and it fit Brighton which means it will work if we get another extremely long baby.  I do want to go back and see how it will work with the carseat attachment for my stroller since we didn't have ours with us.  I also helped some first time parents figure out how to work the carseat attachment for their stroller (same as mine) since they store employee was confusing the heck out of them and they decided to return their stroller for something easier.  After talking with me they were much happier and ended up keeping it.  My work was done.

This weekend my parents came into town on Friday for the birthday party, Saturday was the party and then that evening Bristol went home with my mother in law so she could spend her birthday money.  By the time we picked her up Sunday she had done a lot.  On the way home she started breaking down.   Monday I let her stay home for school so she could rest and get back on a regular schedule before she went back to school on Tuesday.  It was a trying day but I also think it really helped.

Jeremy is sick of going places on the weekends, who really can blame him, so he blacked out next weekend on the calendar.   I am thankful for this because we have been going going going.  So far in October it looks like we only have 1 or 2 commitments and I am hoping it stays that way.  But then again, I am already planning to add a trip to visit my grandma and a trip to the pumpkin patch.  Hopefully he doesn't get a hold of the calendar first.

I love being able to sit down and enjoy a clean house.  I tried to relax before it was clean but seeing all the clutter and messes was making me insane.

I have been neglecting my bible time big time since Bristol started school.  A lot of it is because I don't have time to do it before getting her to school and then by the time we get back from dropping her off I am so frazzled that I sit and the table with coffee cup in hand and mumble nonsense.  It isn't a pretty sight.  Yesterday I changed that and my day was much more peaceful, not easier, nothing went smoother, I just had my peace.

And that folks is all I have for this week.

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