Friday, September 12, 2014

Instafriday// Birthday Week Part 2

3 blog post in a week, whoa I am on a roll.

Bristol turned 5 last Sunday, I have yet to do her birthday post but hopefully I will get to it next week.   I haven't really had a spare moment to sit down and write what it is like to have my first little one turn 5.

I like to make a huge deal about the kids birthdays.  I love that they get to feel super duper special for 1 day of the year.  One thing I regret is that we did Brighton's birthday party on her birthday this year, which eliminated our own little family celebration but between 4th of July and Jeremy's drill schedule it was the only weekend that worked.  Thankfully it worked out different for Bristol.

Saturday we headed down to the LA Zoo.  I love taking my kids to the zoo but I think we picked the hottest day of the year.  The weather was yucky.   On our way down we stopped at IKEA, yes second week in a row, for a few things we forgot or that were out of stock the weekend before.

 The kids didn't find IKEA to be quite the magical place that mommy does.  Maybe next time we will introduce them to Small Land since most of the stuff on my new list for the baby is from there.

 No stroller.  This is kind of a short lived victory since we will be taking it everywhere with us come March.  But can I tell you how much faster you get around the zoo without the stroller, it is amazing.  But we need to figure out the whole diaper bag thing.  This time we packed it all in the pack but it was a pain to get stuff in and out of it.

 Jeremy might have picked our dinner meal but these Cafe Rio nachos are a new favorite of the peanut's.

 When the birthday girl ask for ice cream with fruit on top you make sure she gets it especially when it is your favorite.  Although now that I think about it, hers didn't have any fruit on it.

 I can't believe Bristol was this tiny at one point.

 We woke up to find that the dogs had gotten out of their sleeping area and decided to use my couch instead.  Which meant that my previously clean white couches had to be washed.  But it wasn't bad.  I sprayed a few of the darker spots with my homemade shout and then threw them in the wash in 3 loads.  We have an older washing machine and it is on the smaller side so I can't fit a whole lot in it.  But it is on the replacement list.  Then I line dried them.  The most time consuming part is putting the pillow covers back on.

 Sunday we asked her what special treat she wanted after breakfast Sunday morning, her response was coffee.   She might just be our child.  While we were there, there was a crazy motorcycle accident.  My kids were very concerned about when the car hit the bike.  Also why the guy wasn't getting up off the ground.

Her birthday meal.  I think gold fish mac n cheese is my new favorite box mac n cheese.  And of course sweet potato fries for mommy and daddy.  I am practically living off of sweet potato fries these days.

 Not as pretty as the pinterest version but all the kids in her class loved them.  So we will put that in the win category.

 When we started our gallery wall 3 years ago I bought like 70 picture frames, when hanging up this last round of photos, I ran out of 5x7's and I only have 3 8x10 frames left.

 I also ran out of wall space.  This is what happens when you work with amazing photographers and every picture they take is a favorite.  I consider narrowing down my choices to 11-12 pictures from each shoot.

 Our little announcement on Tuesday.  So happy the cat is out of the bag on this one.

 Normally she eats with a tray attached to her high chair but yesterday morning I let her sit at the table.  She thought it was great but after she smeared all her peanut butter on the table at lunch she went back to the tray so much easier to clean.  And by clean, I mean I tip it over and let the dogs lick it and then I go back over it with cleaner.

Sweet coffee.  Peanut hasn't approved of coffee and still doesn't like black coffee.  Thankfully I can sneak the occasional latte in.  Which has been much needed this week with a class party on Monday, hosting and cooking for bunco Tuesday, and then party prep the rest of the week in order to get ready for our 5th birthday bash tomorrow.

 After weeks of asking her, Bristol finally decided what she wanted for her birthday.  A doll house.  Which is what I originally suggested like 2 months ago.  Since she waited so long, Jeremy no longer had time to build it and we had to order it.  I am bummed that it wont be here until Monday but her creepy doll family arrived yesterday.  Hopefully she doesn't want me to play dolls often because these guys are going to give me nightmares.

 I have been having a hard time with renting lately.   I think both Jeremy and I are getting to the point where we are just ready to settle down and never move again but neither one of us can figure out where we want to live permanently.  Well Jeremy knows he doesn't want to stay in California forever.  Since he took a new job it does mean that we are going to be here in the desert 2 more years, which also means renting.  Yesterday when Jeremy told me the hot water heater was leaking and that I needed to call the landlords, I was suddenly grateful to be renting again.  Right now we don't have time to do home repairs and I really would hate paying for a plumber.  I need to remember that God knows these things, He knows I am getting restless but He also knows when and where the right place for us to call home is.  I have been bad at relying on Him lately.

 Bristol swears Brighton climbed in the stroller all on her own.  The\reason I am not buying it, is because the stroller is not stable at all and Brighton is still a very clumsy climber.

Now I should probably get off the computer and get to my mile long to do list.  I seriously don't feel like I am going to finish it all before the party but I am going to try.

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