Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Baby Bump #4: 13 weeks

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Yay, I made it to the 13 week mark.  I had a check up yesterday and the baby looks great.

I read this article last week about the Duggar girl who announced her pregnancy super early and how that made her truly pro life.  I think it is great she felt comfortable doing that but me not so much and  in no way does that say I am not pro life.  In fact for me it is the complete opposite.  The minute that test strip turns positive that new life is so real to me that I need to hold it close.  I know what it is like to get a positive pregnancy test and a few short weeks later not see anything on the ultrasound.  So we wait because if the worst does happen I need that time to grieve in private.  Jeremy and I need that time to accept that our little one isn't going to be joining us like we thought.  It isn't because I am ashamed of my body failing me, it isn't because I am not pro life, it is because I don't like all the questions.  I don't like being asked every time I talk to someone, if the baby is okay.  Because once you lose a baby every ones attitude towards your pregnancies change.  The go from joyous excitement to caution.  So yes we wait but even if I had lost this baby I would have shared about it.  I wouldn't have kept it in.  But I would have gotten to do it on my own time.   Thankfully that didn't happen this time.  Thankfully after 5 scary minutes of not seeing anything on that first 9 week ultrasound we saw our little peanut.  We saw the heartbeat.   So just because someone isn't comfortable sharing their news right away doesn't mean they aren't pro life.   And kudos to those who feel comfortable sharing right away, we told everyone I was pregnant with Bristol at 4 weeks.  Mostly because the doctor told me I was going to be sterile for a year, so when we got that positive test we were in complete shock when we got that positive.

Well those are my thoughts today

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  1. I agree with you. I told few people and hardly posted anything on facebook until the baby was born! I think it all comes down to a woman's comfort level and has nothing to do with being prolife or not. You are looking beautiful btw and congratulations on baby number 4! Next Tuesday I am hosting my very first linkup and I hope you will join me, it is part of my Real Mom Street Style series and is aimed to showcase real mom style. It is called #reasonstodress, after my blog because I think anyone (even sahms) can find a reason to look their best.

    I would love to have you!!


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