Monday, September 29, 2014

Maternity Jeans

Denim Top//Forever 21
Tank//Target maternity
Jeans//James Jeans maternity via Thred Up

I love this outfit, almost as much as the one I wore last Monday.  It is so comfy, I cleaned the house in it this morning without feeling a burning need to put on yoga pants and an over sized t-shirt.  

Lets talk maternity jeans for a moment.  I hate them. They are ill fitting, baggy where they don't need to be, tight where the should be loose, short, weird shapes, and until this pregnancy it was hard to find a skinny jean in maternity pants.   After Brighton's pregnancy I decided for my last pregnancy I would only be doing designer jeans.  I had been told by several people that the ill fitting problem was fixed by spending a few extra dollars on some quality denim.  Since I am always a fan of quality over quantity I was down with this idea. I just wish I had found this out 3 pregnancy's ago, of course my body shape and jean size has varied each pregnancy.  So my plan had been to buy used from eBay because there was no way I was spending $160-$200 on a pair of jeans that I would only be wearing for  months but then I kept seeing stuff for the website Thred UP. (if you use that link to buy something, we both get $10 off)  So far I have bought 2 pairs of jeans, J Jeans and these James Jeans.  
The J jeans have the stretch panel where the pockets are supossed to be which I really like and I think I will prefer when my belly is bigger. But as usual for my pregnancies, I have lost weight and I am down a size so they don't stay up as well as I like.  I fixed it with this suspender like clip that I got from JoAnns.  It is doing the trick for now.  This is what happens when you have absolutely no butt to keep your jeans up.

The James Jeans have an over the belly panel which is working best for now but as I get further along those panels don't work so hot for me.  I am really long in the torso and they never sit where they are supposed to be so I end up rolling it down.

Fit wise, both of these jeans are everything I was told to expect.  The fit everywhere they should be and they don't stretch out.  I wear them 3 or 4 times between washes and then I line dry them.  Normally I can't do that with maternity jeans, I usually get 1 or 2 washes out of them before I have to dry them on super duper heat to shrink them back to size.  

So my 2 cents, buy used designer maternity jeans... totally worth every penny.  Price wise, I spent $33 on the James jeans they retail for $165 and I spent $28 on the J jeans they retail for $216.   

Oh and they have non designer maternity stuff as well.  Now if they would just get in a dress that I could wear to the Marine Corps Ball in November so I don't have to buy one full priced that would be awesome.  

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Friday, September 26, 2014


My week was an interesting one.  Jeremy was gone from Wednesday-Sunday last week so this week it was super nice to have him home.  At the beginning of this week I was feeling on top of the world.  Our house was staying clean everyday, there wasn't any laundry in the baskets, and I managed to have dinner on the table every night when Jeremy walked in the door.  Then Thursday, my floor cleaning day, Brighton woke up an hour early from her nap and just like that my on top of the world feeling suddenly came crashing down and I was feeling overwhelmed.  Thankfully I got everything else on my to do list crossed off by the end of the day, but I no longer felt like I had it all together.  Isn't it crazy how one tiny, trivial thing like the baby waking up early can change my whole attitude toward the day?

 That hole she is proudly sitting in is her brothers unauthorized dirt pit.  That is Eldon staring her down.
 Can you see tiny little Bo the Tortoise?  Eldon is protecting him from Blondie.   The whole time Bo is grazing, Eldon sits there and watches over him.  They are buddies even if Bo isn't on board yet.
 I lied, one more birthday picture post.   I am still working on her 5th birthday post.  Putting the pictures together was an experience.   Sad and happy but mostly one of disbelief, I can't believe how fast 5 years went by.

 She looks so happy for a kid who hadn't napped all day, right?  About 20 minutes later she went into break down mode.  Also, this girl knows how to accessorize.

We get beautiful sunsets here in the desert.  In fact, I think desert sunsets are some of my favorite.  Being able to see the sky for miles and the colors.   This night we were having a rare cloudy, stormy night it was combined with the pinks and purples of the sunset and it was beautiful.  We didn't get any of the storm but it sure did put on a pretty show.  

 I don't want to say that I enjoyed Jeremy being gone because that is so far from the truth.  I sleep horribly and miss him like crazy but it went smoother than it normally does.  The kids did really well.  Brighton started missing him Saturday but otherwise we didn't have too many hiccups.  Other than little things like me not shutting the garage fridge door all the way so the milk I just bought to get us through the weekend went bad.  But it worked out.  By Sunday afternoon we were all ready for him to be home, so I turned on the TV and we vegged for a little bit.

 I am loving this girl's new desire to cuddle with me.  14 long months of waiting finally paid off.

 This is the truth in our house.  Anyone who knows us, knows both Jeremy and I have a serious coffee addiction.  When I saw this sign on pinterest a few months back both Jeremy and I fell in love with it.  Unfortunately there is no where to put it in our kitchen so I decided it needed to make its way on to our chalk board.
 Mommy was making dinner and daddy was keeping his girls happy.

 Eldon is going to preschool.   Celebration time!!! Actually, I hesitated to enroll him when I got the call that a spot had opened up and he was first on the waiting list.  In the mornings when Brighton is taking her nap, it is just the 2 of us and I love our time together.  He is so much fun.   But he is also not getting any regular social interaction these days.  In Colorado we were at church 2 days a week, we had bible study, and then a weekly MOPs meeting.  My kids were around other kids all the time, here, not so much. So I felt it was important to put him in for this stage of our lives.  I know he is going to love it, he has been begging to go to school since Bristol started in August.

Thank you notes are being written, we may be done by Christmas.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Baby Bump #4:Week 14

Top//Old Navy
Tank and Skirt//Target

I am at the point in my pregnancy where I know I am pregnant, I can see that I am pregnant but I am not feeling pregnant.  My first trimester motion sickness nausea has passed, I am pretty much eating enough to survive, my exhaustion is getting more manageable or I am just used to it now.  So I am feeling pretty normal other than you know the belly bump that is pretty obvious.  I haven't felt the baby move and I don't usually feel them until the 23/24 week mark so that is where I am pregnant and looking it but not feeling it other than the occasional back and hip pain that is controlled by yoga.  I am thankful for it.  Brighton's pregnancy was not an easy one and I am thankful I seem to be going out on a high note with this baby.  I am thankful that I am getting to enjoy my time with the big 3 instead of sitting on the couch wishing I could hang out with them.  I am thankful I have the energy to spend time with Jeremy.  I am thankful that this pregnancy isn't making me feel like I am dying.

We are considering a home birth this time, actually it is pretty much the plan we just need to meet with midwives and decide who is the best for us.   It is pretty crazy that this epidural, hospital birth loving mom is going a different route with this last one but I just don't feel like I can have a stress free birth if I don't.   With Bristol and Eldon, I had 2 amazing births.  My doctor's and nurses listened to me, my epidural worked, when I learned that I pass out if I don't eat right after delivery with the Bristol they made sure to have food in the fridge for me with Eldon.   It was peaceful.  Both times I got my epidural, fell asleep and 2 hours woke up ready to push.  There were a few moments of stress with Eldon when my water broke and they couldn't find his heart beat but otherwise it was peaceful, stress free, and I wouldn't say in enjoyable but I was relaxed and my body could work the way it needed too.

With Brighton I was stressed out from the beginning.  I didn't like my doctor but had no other choice here in town.  I hadn't heard good things about the hospital especially the epidural process.  The general consensus was to just go natural.  So when we walked in that night, I was stressed.  I tried not to be, I prayed but my anxieties took over.  My epidural wasn't placed right and I kept telling the doctor and nurse that over and over and all they could say was I had no clue what I was talking about because I wasn't a doctor.  Also that it was perfectly normal to still be in just as much pain with the epidural as it was with out.    The nurses kept rushing my body even though I knew I wasn't ready.   It wasn't a good experience.  Then when Brighton was born and I question the doctor about something she wanted to do to her, she made me feel horrible and then told me if I wasn't going to responsible they could call cps to appoint someone to do the right thing.  All I wanted was an explanation.    I feel like they intervened when it wasn't need and instead of listening to me as a patient and concerned parent they used scare tactics.

The thought of going back to the hospital still gives me stress.  I am sure I would have a panic attack if I had to do it again.  And while we can drive 2 hours away to go to another hospital it might not be possible.   Brighton was my longest labor at 10 hours with all of its wonderful complications, Bristol was my shortest at 2 and Eldon well his was 4.  So maybe I will have a longer birth this time around but I fully believe the only reason I was in labor as long as I was with Brighton is because I was so stressed out.

So that is where I am.  If you have had a home birth I would love to hear about your experience.  I would love to know where you found your research and what pain "relief" method you went with.

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Monday, September 22, 2014

My current favorite outfit and a few weekend thoughts

Top//Target Maternity
Vest//Old Navy
Earrings//Charming Charlies

My tripod decided it wanted to get creative and take lopsided photos.  I fixed it as much as I could in Lightroom, but there wasn't enough picture to work with in that last photo.

A white t-shirt, stripped pencil skirt, and military vest... these are my 3 favorite things in my closet right now.  Add my favorite pair of earring and strappy-sandals that my pregnant feet do not like and we have a perfect outfit.  Last week, because Jeremy was gone I didn't put on make up from Wednesday to Sunday and I didn't even bother to do my hair or get out of my not-worked-out-in work out clothes on Saturday or Sunday. It was bad, I was a slob.  So this week I am trying to get back into dressing everyday.  I feel much better about myself and my days tend to be a lot more productive.

Can I also tell you how happy I am to have the husband home!  I know we do it every month and we are lucky that it is for only a few days at a time but I sure do miss him.  We don't really get to talk much when he is gone which is super hard because I love texting him meaningless things like how my car came back bug infested or how I want cereal but I am to lazy to get off the couch and if he was here he could do it for me.   It was actually a good, smooth 5 days though, which isn't something I can always say.  I think Bristol being in school helped it go by faster.   Brighton started missing him a lot on Saturday.  So much so that when he walked in the door Sunday evening she just stared at him for a few seconds before giggling and running up to him.  The big 2 did the same thing, it took them a few minutes to realize who was home.

That is it for weekend pictures.  One of these days I will get back into taking my daily photos and get caught up with 365 but lately I just haven't felt like taking a whole lot of pictures, which is a shame because I love the memories.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Instafriday: The last of the birthday post, School, and Life in General

I promise these are the last of the birthday post you will see on my instagram feed until January when Eldon turns 4.   

 Bristol never tells me about her day at school but she pretend plays everything with Eldon when she gets home.  Friday my parents were here so she made my dad play along instead of Eldon.

 Our rainbow theme was a success!   Several people offered to bring food to this party and normally I am all for it but the food was part of the theme so I ended up doing all of it and I am so happy with how it turned out.  Especially the stinkin jello.

A few weeks ago when we adventured down to IKEA, the La Zoo, and Cafe Rio we also took a short pit stop at Buy Buy Baby.  They have a huge selection of carseats in the store that aren't Graco or Baby Trend, neither of which brands will we buy.  I really liked the colors of Brighton's car seat but she outgrew it at like 4 months so we have to buy another one for this last baby that will actually get us to the 7 or 8 month mark before we move it over to a convertible.  A lot of carseats work with my stroller but we have ruled them out for one reason or another.  So I wanted to check out the Peg Pergo in person.   And I wanted to see how it would fit a extremely long 14 month old.   It wasn't even to the last shoulder strap setting and it fit Brighton which means it will work if we get another extremely long baby.  I do want to go back and see how it will work with the carseat attachment for my stroller since we didn't have ours with us.  I also helped some first time parents figure out how to work the carseat attachment for their stroller (same as mine) since they store employee was confusing the heck out of them and they decided to return their stroller for something easier.  After talking with me they were much happier and ended up keeping it.  My work was done.

This weekend my parents came into town on Friday for the birthday party, Saturday was the party and then that evening Bristol went home with my mother in law so she could spend her birthday money.  By the time we picked her up Sunday she had done a lot.  On the way home she started breaking down.   Monday I let her stay home for school so she could rest and get back on a regular schedule before she went back to school on Tuesday.  It was a trying day but I also think it really helped.

Jeremy is sick of going places on the weekends, who really can blame him, so he blacked out next weekend on the calendar.   I am thankful for this because we have been going going going.  So far in October it looks like we only have 1 or 2 commitments and I am hoping it stays that way.  But then again, I am already planning to add a trip to visit my grandma and a trip to the pumpkin patch.  Hopefully he doesn't get a hold of the calendar first.

I love being able to sit down and enjoy a clean house.  I tried to relax before it was clean but seeing all the clutter and messes was making me insane.

I have been neglecting my bible time big time since Bristol started school.  A lot of it is because I don't have time to do it before getting her to school and then by the time we get back from dropping her off I am so frazzled that I sit and the table with coffee cup in hand and mumble nonsense.  It isn't a pretty sight.  Yesterday I changed that and my day was much more peaceful, not easier, nothing went smoother, I just had my peace.

And that folks is all I have for this week.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Baby Bump #4: 13 weeks

Top//Target, non maternity
Jeans//James Jeans Maternity via Thred up

Yay, I made it to the 13 week mark.  I had a check up yesterday and the baby looks great.

I read this article last week about the Duggar girl who announced her pregnancy super early and how that made her truly pro life.  I think it is great she felt comfortable doing that but me not so much and  in no way does that say I am not pro life.  In fact for me it is the complete opposite.  The minute that test strip turns positive that new life is so real to me that I need to hold it close.  I know what it is like to get a positive pregnancy test and a few short weeks later not see anything on the ultrasound.  So we wait because if the worst does happen I need that time to grieve in private.  Jeremy and I need that time to accept that our little one isn't going to be joining us like we thought.  It isn't because I am ashamed of my body failing me, it isn't because I am not pro life, it is because I don't like all the questions.  I don't like being asked every time I talk to someone, if the baby is okay.  Because once you lose a baby every ones attitude towards your pregnancies change.  The go from joyous excitement to caution.  So yes we wait but even if I had lost this baby I would have shared about it.  I wouldn't have kept it in.  But I would have gotten to do it on my own time.   Thankfully that didn't happen this time.  Thankfully after 5 scary minutes of not seeing anything on that first 9 week ultrasound we saw our little peanut.  We saw the heartbeat.   So just because someone isn't comfortable sharing their news right away doesn't mean they aren't pro life.   And kudos to those who feel comfortable sharing right away, we told everyone I was pregnant with Bristol at 4 weeks.  Mostly because the doctor told me I was going to be sterile for a year, so when we got that positive test we were in complete shock when we got that positive.

Well those are my thoughts today

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Monday, September 15, 2014

A Rainbow Themed 5th Birthday

It took forever for Bristol and I to agree on a birthday party theme but once we did we both ran with it.  I loved her theme.  If you don't know Bristol thinks God puts rainbows in the sky just for her.  She calls them her rainbows.  

99% of my decorations came from my pinterest inspiration board.

I have placed my rainbow in the clouds.  It is the sign of my covenant with you and with all the earth. 
Genesis 9:13 nlt

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