Tuesday, August 19, 2014

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necklace//chaming charlies

Jeremy and Eldon were playing trucks yesterday. "Hold on, I got to find my truck.  Here it is". All said by Jeremy.

We switched our medical insurance a couple months back because Jeremy's work coverage required us to spend an insane amount of money out of pocket. Like the time we had to spend $400-500 for 30 days worth of Eldon's asthma medications. Today I went to refill them because there is a fire in Lake Isabella and we are getting all the smoke.  I wanted to make sure we were ready in case he started having a hard time breathing. I spent $5. So much more affordable.

I am really looking forward to hanging out at home this weekend.  All we have on the agenda is a birthday party.

Last Wednesday Bristol woke up early enough in the morning to have breakfast with Jeremy, she has since repeated this every morning. Clearly she missed my love of sleep.

Can someone find me the energy to tackle my to do list?  Like designing and printing Bristol's birthday invites for her party that is quickly approaching?  Or heck, plan the party for me? That would be helpful.

Meet the newest member of our family.

Jeremy wanted to name him Lucky because of how he found him.  This evening when he came home from work, this little guy was just chilling in our driveway, while the neighborhood demon cat was lurking next door.  Jeremy thinks either the cat or a bird left him in our drive.  Luckily he didn't get run over.  The kids saw him and fell in love.  They thought his name should be Turtle the Tortoise.  Thankfully when I suggested Bo everyone agreed it was a good name.  So now we have a Bo.  I also get to do all kinds of research on Mr. Bo, to find out how he should live.   Oh joy!

Side note.. our relaxing weekend has now turned into building a tortoise habitat.

Man I have been busy since I started writing this post yesterday...

We finally picked a theme of rainbows and then the invitation design just kind of fell in place, which a relief.  Now to start crafting for this shindig.

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  1. Love the blouse, and so happy that lucky is safe.
    Marie @ In Our Happy Place


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