Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What I Wore//Adjustments

Skirt//Gift--Stolen from my sister

I am loving Bristol being in school.  Yes I know we have only done 2 days so far but it is wonderful.  I get more one on one time with the little 2 and then when she comes home I get an excited Bristol.  Win-Win.  And her and Eldon missed each other so much through out the day that they don't fit for at least an hour.  Progress, right?!

I am getting bad at blogging again.  I am hoping once we get settled into a school routine that things will fall back into place everywhere else.

Speaking of, the other Brighton has returned.  Her afternoon nap is being seriously messed up with this school pick up thing and she is letting us know just how much she disapproves of us changing her schedule.  Today Jeremy told her "I only get to spend so much time with you a day and all you are doing is crying." So we tried something new today, she got 3 short naps instead of 2 longer naps.  Jeremy said she was a different kid when he woke her up.   Hopefully this works because I miss my happy, sweet, funny Brighton.

I think that is it for tonight.  Short and sweet.

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  1. I love that skirt! The color and pattern are so pretty! So fun that your oldest is in school and you get a little extra time with the little ones!


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