Thursday, August 21, 2014

Triangle Succulent Planter

This was my fun little project on Sunday.  Doing all those triangles took a little longer than expected, they didn't come out perfect but I am super happy with the results.

I have wanted succulents forever.  When Jeremy and I went on our little mini date on Bristol's first day of school, I finally got my wish.  Yesterday I added a few more to finish off my planter.

My plan was to use a stencil but it didn't work, so after browsing home made stamps on pinterest I decided to cut up a wine cork to use as my stamp.   When you live in the middle of no where, you work with what you have.   It was a little tricky still and more often than not I had to go back over the triangles with a paint brush to fill them in but the wine cork definitely did the trick.

I let the dish dry overnight and then baked it at 300 for 30 minutes.  I really don't think the baking did anything but I did it anyways.

So there you have it $20 worth of succulents from Home Depot, an $8 bowl from Marshalls, a wine cork, paint brush, and a bottle of dark copper paint I already had on hand.  $28 well spent.

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