Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What I Wore

Jeans// Ross
Shoes// Target

Today was a no make-up, no jewelry kind of day.   Do you ever have those kind of days?  Most days I just power through and tell myself it only takes about 3 minutes longer so why not do it, but today, not so much.  I slept horribly, woke up late, showered extra long in an attempt to wake up, and then I still wasn't awake.  My hair doesn't air-dry well so what little energy I had was spent fixing my mop.   

This shirt is one that is super comfy.  One day maybe I will wear it with leggings, it is long enough un-tucked.   
I uploaded, edited, and exported all the photos from our fun relaxing weekend, yet I haven't gone the extra step to blog about it.  On that note, I took all the pictures I need for a post about cloth diapers but that is as far as it has gone.  I wonder if those pictures will sit on my computer as long as the ones of Brighton and Eldon's room.  At this rate, Eldon's new bed will be designed, built, and moved into his room before I get around to posting pictures of the room with his toddler bed in it.   Oh well, such is life.


  1. YOu look great. This minty colored sweater is just a perfect color on you .Also love the dark skinnies, a perfect transition from summer to fall.
    from the link up

    please stop by, jess


  2. Love the shade of green on you. Such an effortles and comfy casual look!


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