Thursday, August 28, 2014

InstaFriday// A week of blessings and answered prayers

I didn't think I posted very many instagrams this week but I was wrong.  

After seeing this at home gel hack pinned many times on pinterest I had to give it a go.  And it works.  I got 5 days out of my manicure before scrubbing the kitchen counters chipped it.  I am on to a pink and gold combo.  And this top coat, AMAZING.  It really does dry your nails in seconds.  An awesome thing with 3 little ones running around.  

All of my kids, including the biggest one of all (daddy), went down the water slide at the birthday party this past weekend.  Is it really any surprise that weather premitting we will be having a water slide bounce house at Bristol's party in a few weeks?  If it is too cold, there will still be a bounce house with a slide.  

When I first looked over, I thought it was Bristol standing next to Eldon looking at Bo.  It took me a few seconds to realize that my 13 month old decided to be just like big brother.

We now have to sit out front and watch the garbage truck on trash days.

She had a lot of fun conquering the park.  

 Because everyone eats like this.

 There are no words.

She eats every meal this way these days.  

Jeremy got home from work super early on Tuesday.  Bristol was super excited that he got to come with me for school pickup.  I thought it was cute that they were all wearing tan bottoms.

 Since he got off early Tuesday, he made Bo a new habitat.

Because he is so small, we are going to keep him in this box for now.  That way another cat can't get him.  Once he is bigger then we plan to let him roam the yard.  So in about 10 years.  

Today was a good day, it called for celebration coffee.  

This week has been an amazing week.  From getting to have a nice relaxing days last weekend, to getting some awesome news this week.  And the most awesomest news of all, IKEA put my couch on sale. We are going to pick it up on Saturday.  I am so stinking excited.   It is something I have been praying about, for a while now.  

I hope you have a wonderful week.  

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  1. I like that nail color! Curious, have you tried Jamberry nails? They seem to be all the rage right now!
    What couch did you get?!?


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