Friday, August 22, 2014

Instafriday// 3 weeks of phone pictures

It has been almost a month since I bored you with in depth explanations on my instagrams.  I know y'all are dying to once again see all of my instagrams.   Right?!

A few of my favorite things
2 weekends ago when we went to the beach I really wanted Yogurtland but I wasn't brave enough to get it with the kids and without Jeremy.  So this past weekend when we went to my parent's house, my one request was Yogurtland.  And thankfully they put a new one in at the bottom of the hill so we didn't have to trek into Temecula to get my hearts desire.    It was delicious.   I want more.   I miss living in civilization where things like yogurt bars are common place.  

I will paint my nails all day long but during the summer, I wont do my toes.    With Jeremy being gone a lot this summer and with him starting school tomorrow, I am spending lots of extra time with the kids.  I totally didn't feel guilty going to get pampered.  Bristol on the other hand didn't understand why she couldn't get another pedicure with me.  Don't worry, I promised her one for our birthdays in a few weeks, like 2.  Oh goodness, 2 weeks until my 28th birthday and her 5th birthday.

I have really enjoyed getting to spend more one on one time with Eldon.  He is such a relaxed, laid back dude that a lot of times he takes a back seat to his sisters.  

fluffy pink swimsuit// bugging the big two// pool days// oreo mouth

Bo the Tortoise. I don't know who loves him more, Jeremy and I or the kids.   He is the most boring pet in the world but is he so ugly he is adorable.   

Bristol started school.  She is so excited.  We have survived her first  2 weeks.   Hopefully by the end of next week we will have a more manageable schedule in the works.  

I love our family pictures that Cinnamon did.  We just got our prints in today and I can't wait to share all of them up on this here blog.  

Grandpa got a tractor.  Eldon is a cautious little guy so at first he wasn't sure but thankfully he doesn't hold back for long.  Soon he was riding all over the property with Grandpa.   But he wouldn't drive and anytime my dad took his had off the wheel, Eldon put it right back on.  Bristol on the other hand tried to take out a rock, our car, and a tree while she was driving.

Eldon's awesome dinosaur// smoothie drinking// eating Thai Curry off of chopsticks//coffee dates

freezer stash of waffles for breakfast// Bristol's lunch for the first day of school.  

My name is Savanna, I have a cloth diaper addiction.   My husband fully supports it.  One day I will do a post on my love for cloth diapers.  

My view at the beach// train crossing the road while the kids were sleeping// our packing needs for a night away// mail happiness

I love the rain.  I miss the rain.  Jeremy needs a job in Washington our Europe.

Look our horrible loveseat is no longer in the house.  Oh darn.

Love how my succulent planter turned out.  

Oh Joy!  Fundraisers 1 week into school.  A Christmas fundraiser to boot.   This is the stuff my nightmares are made of.  

That's it folks.  3 weeks of instagrams.  If you made it this far I am impressed.  

Now I am off to clean the bathrooms and do our grocery shopping for the week before I enjoy our first weekend at home with Jeremy in 3 months with only a birthday party to attend tomorrow.  What am I going to do with myself?   2 whole days of doing nothing.  No early school morning, no nap killing pick up times, and getting to see my husband from sun up to sun down.  I am so excited.  

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  1. We have a lot of yogurt shops popping up around my area, but i have yet to try any. I have this fear that I will get to the register and have a $12 bowl of yogurt. I hate any foods that are charged by weight, it gives me anxiety! lol


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