Sunday, August 17, 2014

First week of school wrap up

recycled but I love it 

Let's talk about the first week of school because I don't have a desire to blog about the weekend yet.

 It was different than I expected. I didn't expect Bristol to have a case of separation anxiety. I don't know if it is because she sees Eldon and Brighton leaving with me or what but she is having a rough time. It started on Tuesday and it kept up the rest of the week. The first day I felt like the worst mother in the world leaving her when she looked so lost and defeated but I know if I play into it will become a huge deal. On Wednesday Eldon started crying and telling me we had to go back and get sissy. Seriously, broke my heart. He is fine once we get home because he realizes he can do what he wants, he doesn't have to compromise with Sissy but leaving her every morning is rough on him. Everyday when we pick her up he gives her a hug, grabs a hold of her hand, and tells her everything he did without her. Brighton doesn't really seem to notice things are different. She is probably liking the freedom of one less "mom" since Bristol likes to be in charge of her.

Me, I am doing great. Although I am trying to figure out what happened to all the spare time I am supposed to have since I have one less kid at home.

Nap time is a mess.  Nap time is usually from 2-4/5 here, with pickup up at 3 our whole afternoon nap has gone crazy.  I have tried putting Brighton down earlier but she is only napping like an hour and is a huge mess by dinner time.   So we are doing 3 naps on school days which works but I don't feel like it is an ideal solution.

Pick up is an experience.  The first 2 days were complete madness.  I don't think anyone knew what was going on.  Day 3 was a little more under control, day 4 wasn't so bad.  Then they had to go and ruin it by throwing in an early release day on Friday and once again it was chaos.   Hopefully this week it is a little better because I don't enjoy getting run over by parents and kids while waiting for Bristol's class.   

All in all, other than the separation anxiety, school is going good.   Bristol is enjoying it and mommy is enjoying it.  

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