Monday, August 11, 2014

Bristol's First Day of School

It was really important to me that we make a big deal out of Bristol's first day of school.  Since Jeremy's sister Serena is still in California for a few more days before she returns to Maryland I asked her if she could come up for the first day so Jeremy and I could take Bristol out to breakfast and then to school without the little 2.  I really wanted the morning to be all about her.  I didn't want to chance having to deal with a grumpy Brighton or Eldon, who is very upset because he isn't going to school.

Friday when we went to meet her teacher, Bristol developed a case of shyness.  Which never happens with this kid.  Normally she will tell you her life story in the first 5 minutes of knowing you and then invite you to come eat with her because in her mind she must share a meal with all new people.  So I was curious to see how today would go.  When I woke her up, she started smiling right away.  The first thing she said to me is "today I go to school".  She rolled out bed and walked to the hallway to get her shoes.   Don't worry, I made her change out of her pj's before we left.    It also happened to be raining this morning, which is Bristol's absolute favorite.  Then as we were taking out pictures, she saw a rainbow.  She informed us that "God gave me that rainbow, He wanted me to be happy today."  

We loaded up in daddy's truck and headed to breakfast.  Bristol informed us that she was "going to sit next to daddy because he hasn't been home."

And then it was time for drop off.  She was so happy.  She had a big smile on her face and lots of giggles.

 Her teacher didn't have her class room open yet so we hung out on the play ground for a little while.
Then it was time to leave.  We gave her a hug and said our goodbyes.   I was fine up to this point.  I am really excited for this chapter of life and I know Bristol is really going to thrive in school.  I have to admit, I was starting to have little twinges when she looked a little lost as we were leaving.   So I asked Jeremy if he would be cool with walking around the other side of the building so we could watch her for a few minutes.  As soon as we got over there, we saw that she was fine.  She had a teacher pushing her on the swing (even though she knows how to swing herself).   And just like that, the twinges were gone.    

She's got this.  She doesn't need her mommy dragging her down.   Not that I would because, seriously, I am so excited for me and her.  

We survived 1 kid's infant, toddler, and preschool years.  Only 2 more to go! Celebratory coffee was in order.

A little side note... I was thankful I wasn't the only parent there with the giant camera out.  Friday when we went to meet her teacher, I was the only one who brought the big camera.

I know family is wondering, Eldon did great.  He enjoyed having 3 adults attention focused on him.  I don't think I have ever heard him talk as much as he did today.
But he was definitely happy to have her home!

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