Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What I Wore//Rock Star Kiddos

Kimono//Me  Top//very old  Jeans//Ross
Shoes//Target  Necklace//Kohls

Top//Marshals  Shorts//Carters via Costco

Can I just tell you about my day?  I was seriously reconsidering taking our family pictures tonight.   Like, it was bad.  First Brighton decided she wasn't going to nap this morning.  So after me going in her room to comfort her over an hour period of time while she was screaming hysterically, I finally realized she was hot.  I moved her to our room, took of her onesie, and set the window ac unit to 68.  It was a tiny bit humid today which of course means the swamp cooler can't work.   This kid passed right out, maybe it was from all the crying, but I think it was more from being hot.  While this is going on, it was my life mission to get the house cleaned from top to bottom today.  So in between the snuggle sessions I was scrubbing toilets, which hadn't be cleaned since Brighton's party (yuck), trying to make my stinking steam mop work (finally fixed it, hallelujah), picking up, and vacuuming.  Brighton was woken up an hour later by my broken steam mop when it shot the head off with the built up steam pressure.  So I went back to cleaning with her following me around letting me know exactly what was wrong with her world.   Lately the big two are obsessed with fighting each other and are constantly sitting in time-out these day.  One day they will be best friends again, right?!   Then this afternoon Brighton once again didn't want to nap and nothing was convincing her it was a good idea.  So the whole time we are getting ready for pictures Brighton is following us around, screaming.  Yeah, I was thinking out family pictures were going to be horrific.  One of those scenes, that pre-kid you swore would never be, but post-kid you realize that sometimes there is just nothing you can do to prevent it.  But you know what, our kids rocked it!   Like seriously, they were awesome.  Once we bribed them with ice cream cones, they put their cheesy little grins on their faces and did everything we asked.  Of course Brighton hammed it up for the camera.  I would like to think it was the hour nap she took in the car but in all reality she just likes to make liars out of her mommy and daddy.  Anytime we say she is being a bear, she turns into this sweet smiling little angle.  Oh well, I am glad we got happy Brighton for the night.   Now I can't wait to see the pictures.

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