Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What I Wore//Birthday Outfit

Dress and Shoes//Target
Earrings and Bracelet// Gift made by my mother in law

This post isn't so much about Brighton but it is what I wore for her party on Saturday.

A little story on this dress that I ordered with my beloved free shipping from Target.  I have already ordered a few dresses in my quest for more dresses to wear because my husband likes them.  Yes, I like to dress up for my husband, the smile he wears on his face all day is enough payment for me to go outside of my comfort zone.  Having Bristol telling me I look like a beautiful princess might help a little as well.  So I ordered this dress in my usual size and when it arrived and it was huge.  Now, granted I sew and could easily have altered it, but when I looked on the website to see if it was in stock in a smaller size, I saw that it in fact was and they had lowered the price quite a bit.  If I returned the too big for me one and reorder it in a smaller size, I could add a second one for only $5 more than I originally spent.   Granted it took a little fast talking with Jeremy because this was the day he realized that I added a few new outfits to my closest while he was at drill but eventually, like he always does, he gave in.   And now I have two really comfy, easy to wear dress that I can chase the kids around in and still feel comfortable.  Too bad it didn't come in any other colors I like.

After this dress I only have 2 items I really want to  add to my closet.  A black and white pencil skirt and a new pair of destroyed jeans since mine died a painful death a few years back and I haven't replaced them due to the fact that I have been pregnant more times than not over the last 5 years.  And what do you know, this mornings email flier thing-a-ma-bob for jane.com included a black and white pencil skirt.   I so can't wait for it to get here.  And I think Jeremy would be happy if I permanently lost my target debit card and if groopdealz and jane.com would stop emailing me.

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  1. Love the dress! I noticed it in the party pics! Looks super comfy! I have a bunch of dresses in my Target cart online right now, but haven't bit the bullet and ordered them yet!

  2. Yay for getting two dresses basically for the price of one! Such a great deal! And such a cute dress! I love a classic striped dress! So versatile!



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