Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What I Wore// Immodestly dressed

Top//Very old maybe American Eagle

I shared this article on my Facebook page yesterday.  A story of 3 immodestly dressed women walking into church, sadly the 3rd happened to me.  I remember when a few well meaning people in church told my 15 year old self that I wasn't dressed right.  I was struggling to find my place in the world, but I really liked going to church.  I really enjoyed going to youth events.  What these people didn't know, is it was hard to find clothes that fit me because I was tall and very skinny at the time. It was before things like "tall" sizes became common.  But I do know that when they treated me that way, it made it very hard for me to go back to church.  Because, who cares how I was dressed, wasn't it more important that I liked going to church, that I enjoyed youth group.  From then on, I distanced myself from church, but I never really stopped going for long.  Thankfully those few well meaning people didn't kill my faith but it sure has made it harder for me to get involved in church to this day.  I struggle, because I know there are always "superior" Christians out there who think it is their business to tell me exactly what I am doing wrong.  They take certain passages of the bible to mean that they have free reign and can say whatever comes out of their mouth because they are doing it in a biblical way.  But they forget the love, they forget that not everyone is in the same place as them.   Did it ever occur to them that I was an awkward 15 year old trying to find my place in the world?  That their words made it easier for me to go down the "wrong" path.  Nope they only saw a trashy 15 year old who couldn't find a shirt long enough for her extra long torso, so yes, my shirt rode up a little and my shorts were short because that was the style and they were even shorter on me because my legs were longer than the "average" person.

I am thankful I finally found a church where the gospel of love was not only preached but it was lived out in every aspect of the church.  My faith grew, my need to distance myself lessened, and I found the acceptance I needed.  I got to see how Christians should truly act.  With great humility and mega amounts of love and acceptance because, seriously, nobody is perfect.  Not even me.  We all have faults, some are just more visible that others.  One day, I hope I have the opposite effect on a young girl.  Definitely my daughters.  I want to help them find their place in the world, especially in the church world because it can be a scary place. I want to be the one that shows Jesus' love not the pharisees rules.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Savanna. It breaks my heart to hear the way people judge others when they walk into church. Church should be the most welcoming place in the community! I go to a church where people wear anything and everything - I think that is slowly becoming more common. And it's a good thing! I'm glad you didn't let those ladies turn you off from church forever.


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