Thursday, July 31, 2014

Instagram//A relaxing weekend

Lately I have been kind of checked out from the blog.  Honestly it is because we have been insanely busy.  Since Jeremy came back from drill in mid June we haven't had a weekend off.  And after this weekend we have commitments through the end of September.  Seriously September 27th is the next time our calendars don't have anything on them.   I am exhausted just thinking about it.  But that is what happens when you have 2 drill weeks, my 28th birthday, Bristol's 5th birthday, and a family trip to the beach planned.   Can I take a nap now?   But anyways, I wanted to share a few instagrams, which I have kind of been slacking on that front as well.   

 Bristol and Eldon facetimed Grandma Cathy one day and I used the time to start working on Brighton's romper for our family pictures.   It worked out perfectly, I got all the pieces cut and they told Grandma all about how mommy mistreats them and makes them eat all their food and take regular naps.  Abuse I tell you!

 We are back to attending church online.


 This kid loves her donuts.  I think she would have licked the glass if I hadn't stopped her.

 Brighton, well all of the kids, will sit in their car seats in the house for hours.  In the car, not so much.  They start complaining after 5 seconds.

 Grandpa bought this shirt for Eldon, it is bright and obnoxious.  Of course it is his favorite.

 One sure fire way to put a smile on this little girls face is to turn on the front facing camera.

 So proud of herself for standing up in her stroller.

 2 years ago we bought an iPad to use as a tv in the car, last week we finally made it work for the car.  We are using this stand.
She looks like a baby when she is sleeping not my big 1 year old.

The kids spent the night at my in laws last weekend, Eldon and Bristol both fell asleep in the car on the way home.   When he came in the house, he was still out of it.  Jeremy asked him if he wanted to go back to sleep, 5 minutes later I found him passed back out in bed.

This is how she insisted on being carried around JoAnns.

Last minute crafting before our family pictures.  I finished these bows 2 hours before we had to leave.

My dreams of a striped pencil skirt have been fulfilled.   And I am so happy with it.

And last but not least, Bristol got a big hair cut in preparation for transitional kindergarten starting in less than 2 weeks.  I knew she was getting ready for this big transition by all the shopping we are doing for this school thing but seeing her with this short grown up hair, it hit home.

That is all I have in pictures.  I am so looking forward to this relaxing weekend.  

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