Thursday, July 10, 2014


It has been a few weeks since I have done a phone dump post.  So sit back and enjoy!

I made this top for Bristol to wear when she was 2, Brighton is wearing it at 1.  Giant baby.  Although it is slightly big, so I am sure I can squeeze her into it again next year for the 4th.

I really wanted to wear my white jeans for 4th of July but Jeremy talked me out of it.  We went to his brother's house for the day and they live on 2.5 acres of dirt, dirt, and more dirt with a few weeds thrown in there. AKA NOT white jean material.  So I went with my red pants, blue crochet toms, and a white shirt with a sweater because their house is always freezing.  I am the only one in Jeremy's family who believes there is such thing as too cold when it comes to air conditioning. 

Look at my beautiful clean sewing desk.  Yeah, we wont even mention what it looks like now.  Let just say, not clean.

I always forget how much I love making my kids clothes.   It is a habit I really want to get back into.   

I keep adding decoration projects to my never ending list but really how could I not make this?

 Fabric to make the girls outfits for family pictures.  I am doing a romper for Brighton, and Bristol picked out a super elaborate dress pattern.  Is anyone surprised?  Had I allowed her to pick out the fabric I am sure we would have ended up with something like yards of tulle and sequins, you know, a mini prom dress.

 It's a widely know fact that I hate our couches.  One:  the covers drive me insane because the never stay tucked in.  Two:  the actual couches themselves are completely covered in stains. One even has a giant rip in it.   So when we had our carpets cleaned this week I seriously considered putting them out on the curb with a sign saying I would pay someone to take them off my hands.  But we have company coming and they probably don't want to sit in our folding lawn chairs, right?

 Tough love is so hard.  The saying, "It hurts me more than it hurts you", is so stinkin' true.   Wednesday night we had plans to get ice cream after dinner, but Eldon didn't want to eat.  Which is becoming a thing of his.  Bristol went through it as well.  So there was no ice cream for Eldon.  And he cried.  And I wanted to cry.  And Jeremy looked just as broken, but we couldn't give in.  Eating meals is important, especially for such an active little boy.  It is also very important to us that our kids eat what we make for them, not what they want to eat.  I told Eldon that if he ate all his dinner tonight I would take him out for an ice cream cone, just me and him.  He ate 2 bowls of taco salad.   All those emotions last night, totally worth it today.  Now, I am not naive enough to think this is the end of the food battle but he knows we mean business now.

 Swim lessons shall from here forever forward be referred to as mommy torture.   Bristol's first day was horrible, she was having a crazy breakdown.  The second day, so so.   Day four, Eldon may have went under the water and freaked out.  I can't wait to see what lies ahead for us on days five through eight.

 If my children meet you and the first question they ask is if you have a pool, don't be offended.  They are screening all new people these days.  We have high standards around here.

We only have 2 drivers in our house and we have 4 vehicles and one wanna-be vehicle in our tiny yard.  I am sure our neighbors love us.  Granted, only two and a half are ours.

She walks!  A week before her first birthday and she decided to take off.  Of course she has a nice bruise on her eyelid and chin, just in time for all those party pictures.

That's it for my phone this week.  Hopefully next week I will get back to blogging regarlly.  I finally have all of the nursery pictures uploaded (only a year later) and I need to catch up on 365 again.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Love the burlap banner for her birthday!! Swim lessons are going to be the death of me as well. 6 more and we are done praise the Lord!

  2. You are so incredibly good at sewing. I hope that one day I can use my sewing machine to make something remotely as cute as the top you made....for now I'm just thankful I can sew a fairly decent straight line. Oh well, practice makes perfect.

  3. And thank you for your email and thoughtful comment about seeing my niece for the first time, I'm actually in Portugal now with family!

  4. That tassel garland is super cute! And my craft desk is clean for maybe 10 minutes per month. Maybe....

    Laura @ the stories of this life


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