Sunday, July 13, 2014

Brighton Ann's 1st Birthday Party

What a crazy week it has been getting ready for Brighton's 1st birthday.   I spent all week crafting, decorating, cleaning, and cooking for this party.   But it was so worth it to see our families and friends come out to celebrate out stinky girl's 1st birthday.   We had so much fun, the big 2 had a lot of fun, and most of our guests told me it was a good party, I shall call that a success.  

People didn't realize my Sangria was made with wine and champagne so I may have intoxicated a few unsuspecting adults but no children were give any.

I forgot to put the "one" sign on the high chair for the cake smash during the actual cake smash. I tried to get Jeremy to make another cake so we could reenact the cake smash but he wasn't going for it.  

We never got a picture of all 5 of us.  

Heroes of the party:

Jeremy for making an awesome smash cake.

My friend's uncle for cutting down the jungle of our backyard and making it beautiful for the party... he will now be coming every 2 weeks.

Julie, for loaning me half of her bowls, tables, chairs.  For watching the kiddos twice this week so I could shop and clean.  For coming over early and helping me set up and clean up the last few dishes.  Also making the bean dip, it was yummy.

Jeremy, for working non stop Friday and Saturday on the party.

My mom for doing 90% of the party dishes.

My mother in law for providing the whoopie pies and pasta salad. (A note from the editor: thank you for taking them home so I wouldn't be tempted eat all of them!) 

Last but not least, all of our guest who made Brighton feel loved, even though her miserable teething self didn't show her appreciation, we sure felt it.

Yeah, a teething 1 year old equals an unhappy party girl.

And now for the decorations...

Isn't Jeremy's cake awesome?   A while back we attended a birthday party where the dad made this elaborate cake.  Then, not to be outdone, another one of our friends had to make an awesome princess castle cake for his daughter's birthday. Well, that led to Jeremy to pull out all the stops on Brighton's smash cake.  I love how it turned out and he is already scheming what to do for Bristol's birthday cake in September.

The tassel garland will be finding a permanent home somewhere in our house, I love it so much.

It is hard to see, but this is every one of her monthly pictures printed out, except for 12 months because we haven't seen a smile on her teething face in quite a few days.

Bristol helped me decorate the strawberry shortcake.

Thee only picture I got of her in her cake smash outfit at this point.  She was pretty much done with the whole party thing.

She didn't smash her cake, instead she ate the frosting roses and the hugged the whole cake before I took it away and gave her some of the strawberry shortcake I made.  

The party girl's dress.

Another one of Jeremy's creations.  A sprinkler maze.  

Right after this, the birthday girl insisted on hanging upside down while I opened the rest of her presents.  Until she saw her ride on toy and necklace.

Then she took herself out of grumpy teething mode and decided to have a little fun.

Now, can someone come un-decorate the house for me?

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  1. Happy Birthday Brighton! Wow, that cake! And love her party dress!


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