Thursday, July 31, 2014

Instagram//A relaxing weekend

Lately I have been kind of checked out from the blog.  Honestly it is because we have been insanely busy.  Since Jeremy came back from drill in mid June we haven't had a weekend off.  And after this weekend we have commitments through the end of September.  Seriously September 27th is the next time our calendars don't have anything on them.   I am exhausted just thinking about it.  But that is what happens when you have 2 drill weeks, my 28th birthday, Bristol's 5th birthday, and a family trip to the beach planned.   Can I take a nap now?   But anyways, I wanted to share a few instagrams, which I have kind of been slacking on that front as well.   

 Bristol and Eldon facetimed Grandma Cathy one day and I used the time to start working on Brighton's romper for our family pictures.   It worked out perfectly, I got all the pieces cut and they told Grandma all about how mommy mistreats them and makes them eat all their food and take regular naps.  Abuse I tell you!

 We are back to attending church online.


 This kid loves her donuts.  I think she would have licked the glass if I hadn't stopped her.

 Brighton, well all of the kids, will sit in their car seats in the house for hours.  In the car, not so much.  They start complaining after 5 seconds.

 Grandpa bought this shirt for Eldon, it is bright and obnoxious.  Of course it is his favorite.

 One sure fire way to put a smile on this little girls face is to turn on the front facing camera.

 So proud of herself for standing up in her stroller.

 2 years ago we bought an iPad to use as a tv in the car, last week we finally made it work for the car.  We are using this stand.
She looks like a baby when she is sleeping not my big 1 year old.

The kids spent the night at my in laws last weekend, Eldon and Bristol both fell asleep in the car on the way home.   When he came in the house, he was still out of it.  Jeremy asked him if he wanted to go back to sleep, 5 minutes later I found him passed back out in bed.

This is how she insisted on being carried around JoAnns.

Last minute crafting before our family pictures.  I finished these bows 2 hours before we had to leave.

My dreams of a striped pencil skirt have been fulfilled.   And I am so happy with it.

And last but not least, Bristol got a big hair cut in preparation for transitional kindergarten starting in less than 2 weeks.  I knew she was getting ready for this big transition by all the shopping we are doing for this school thing but seeing her with this short grown up hair, it hit home.

That is all I have in pictures.  I am so looking forward to this relaxing weekend.  

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What I Wore//Rock Star Kiddos

Kimono//Me  Top//very old  Jeans//Ross
Shoes//Target  Necklace//Kohls

Top//Marshals  Shorts//Carters via Costco

Can I just tell you about my day?  I was seriously reconsidering taking our family pictures tonight.   Like, it was bad.  First Brighton decided she wasn't going to nap this morning.  So after me going in her room to comfort her over an hour period of time while she was screaming hysterically, I finally realized she was hot.  I moved her to our room, took of her onesie, and set the window ac unit to 68.  It was a tiny bit humid today which of course means the swamp cooler can't work.   This kid passed right out, maybe it was from all the crying, but I think it was more from being hot.  While this is going on, it was my life mission to get the house cleaned from top to bottom today.  So in between the snuggle sessions I was scrubbing toilets, which hadn't be cleaned since Brighton's party (yuck), trying to make my stinking steam mop work (finally fixed it, hallelujah), picking up, and vacuuming.  Brighton was woken up an hour later by my broken steam mop when it shot the head off with the built up steam pressure.  So I went back to cleaning with her following me around letting me know exactly what was wrong with her world.   Lately the big two are obsessed with fighting each other and are constantly sitting in time-out these day.  One day they will be best friends again, right?!   Then this afternoon Brighton once again didn't want to nap and nothing was convincing her it was a good idea.  So the whole time we are getting ready for pictures Brighton is following us around, screaming.  Yeah, I was thinking out family pictures were going to be horrific.  One of those scenes, that pre-kid you swore would never be, but post-kid you realize that sometimes there is just nothing you can do to prevent it.  But you know what, our kids rocked it!   Like seriously, they were awesome.  Once we bribed them with ice cream cones, they put their cheesy little grins on their faces and did everything we asked.  Of course Brighton hammed it up for the camera.  I would like to think it was the hour nap she took in the car but in all reality she just likes to make liars out of her mommy and daddy.  Anytime we say she is being a bear, she turns into this sweet smiling little angle.  Oh well, I am glad we got happy Brighton for the night.   Now I can't wait to see the pictures.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What I Wore// Immodestly dressed

Top//Very old maybe American Eagle

I shared this article on my Facebook page yesterday.  A story of 3 immodestly dressed women walking into church, sadly the 3rd happened to me.  I remember when a few well meaning people in church told my 15 year old self that I wasn't dressed right.  I was struggling to find my place in the world, but I really liked going to church.  I really enjoyed going to youth events.  What these people didn't know, is it was hard to find clothes that fit me because I was tall and very skinny at the time. It was before things like "tall" sizes became common.  But I do know that when they treated me that way, it made it very hard for me to go back to church.  Because, who cares how I was dressed, wasn't it more important that I liked going to church, that I enjoyed youth group.  From then on, I distanced myself from church, but I never really stopped going for long.  Thankfully those few well meaning people didn't kill my faith but it sure has made it harder for me to get involved in church to this day.  I struggle, because I know there are always "superior" Christians out there who think it is their business to tell me exactly what I am doing wrong.  They take certain passages of the bible to mean that they have free reign and can say whatever comes out of their mouth because they are doing it in a biblical way.  But they forget the love, they forget that not everyone is in the same place as them.   Did it ever occur to them that I was an awkward 15 year old trying to find my place in the world?  That their words made it easier for me to go down the "wrong" path.  Nope they only saw a trashy 15 year old who couldn't find a shirt long enough for her extra long torso, so yes, my shirt rode up a little and my shorts were short because that was the style and they were even shorter on me because my legs were longer than the "average" person.

I am thankful I finally found a church where the gospel of love was not only preached but it was lived out in every aspect of the church.  My faith grew, my need to distance myself lessened, and I found the acceptance I needed.  I got to see how Christians should truly act.  With great humility and mega amounts of love and acceptance because, seriously, nobody is perfect.  Not even me.  We all have faults, some are just more visible that others.  One day, I hope I have the opposite effect on a young girl.  Definitely my daughters.  I want to help them find their place in the world, especially in the church world because it can be a scary place. I want to be the one that shows Jesus' love not the pharisees rules.

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Instagram//A birthday week

A nice relaxing week here in the Bennett house.   Mostly after we survived Brighton's 1st birthday.   

Jeremy has ridiculous creative talent.

 This week was all about the birthday girl.  

And she got lots of books.  She loves her books.

 On the eve of her birthday.

 Because she is now one, she thinks she no longer needs to nap.  Not cool.

And how is this one almost 5?   I don't want to think about it right now.  

Bristol and I went to to get mother daughter pedicures right in the middle of the party prep craziness.  She thought it was the best thing in the world.  She might be my kid after all.  Here's a little tidbit, on exactly this day last year, I was miserably pregnant with the Brighton Ann, so Jeremy sent me to get a pedicure.  I may have gotten the same color and almost the same design. 12 hours later, Brighton Ann was born.

 Daddy playing Polly Pockets with Bristol, trucks with Eldon, and Brighton can be seen in the background attempting to eat the Polly Pockets.

Today was the last day of swim lessons!  Party time!   Instead of lessons, they let the kids go down the water slide over and over again.   

School information.   We are both super excited and I might be a little more emotional about this whole process than I thought I was going to be. 

I am so happy to have this man by my side for everything.   Our life is crazy and he keeps me sane.   

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What I Wore//Birthday Outfit

Dress and Shoes//Target
Earrings and Bracelet// Gift made by my mother in law

This post isn't so much about Brighton but it is what I wore for her party on Saturday.

A little story on this dress that I ordered with my beloved free shipping from Target.  I have already ordered a few dresses in my quest for more dresses to wear because my husband likes them.  Yes, I like to dress up for my husband, the smile he wears on his face all day is enough payment for me to go outside of my comfort zone.  Having Bristol telling me I look like a beautiful princess might help a little as well.  So I ordered this dress in my usual size and when it arrived and it was huge.  Now, granted I sew and could easily have altered it, but when I looked on the website to see if it was in stock in a smaller size, I saw that it in fact was and they had lowered the price quite a bit.  If I returned the too big for me one and reorder it in a smaller size, I could add a second one for only $5 more than I originally spent.   Granted it took a little fast talking with Jeremy because this was the day he realized that I added a few new outfits to my closest while he was at drill but eventually, like he always does, he gave in.   And now I have two really comfy, easy to wear dress that I can chase the kids around in and still feel comfortable.  Too bad it didn't come in any other colors I like.

After this dress I only have 2 items I really want to  add to my closet.  A black and white pencil skirt and a new pair of destroyed jeans since mine died a painful death a few years back and I haven't replaced them due to the fact that I have been pregnant more times than not over the last 5 years.  And what do you know, this mornings email flier thing-a-ma-bob for included a black and white pencil skirt.   I so can't wait for it to get here.  And I think Jeremy would be happy if I permanently lost my target debit card and if groopdealz and would stop emailing me.

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Monday, July 14, 2014

12 months old

Just so you know, this week is going to be heavy on the Stinky girl.  Yesterday it was a party recap, today it is her last monthly photo, and before the week is over I would like to get a few of my favorite pictures of her over the last year.  

But first we have the 12 month pictures. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Brighton Ann's 1st Birthday Party

What a crazy week it has been getting ready for Brighton's 1st birthday.   I spent all week crafting, decorating, cleaning, and cooking for this party.   But it was so worth it to see our families and friends come out to celebrate out stinky girl's 1st birthday.   We had so much fun, the big 2 had a lot of fun, and most of our guests told me it was a good party, I shall call that a success.  

People didn't realize my Sangria was made with wine and champagne so I may have intoxicated a few unsuspecting adults but no children were give any.

I forgot to put the "one" sign on the high chair for the cake smash during the actual cake smash. I tried to get Jeremy to make another cake so we could reenact the cake smash but he wasn't going for it.  

We never got a picture of all 5 of us.  

Heroes of the party:

Jeremy for making an awesome smash cake.

My friend's uncle for cutting down the jungle of our backyard and making it beautiful for the party... he will now be coming every 2 weeks.

Julie, for loaning me half of her bowls, tables, chairs.  For watching the kiddos twice this week so I could shop and clean.  For coming over early and helping me set up and clean up the last few dishes.  Also making the bean dip, it was yummy.

Jeremy, for working non stop Friday and Saturday on the party.

My mom for doing 90% of the party dishes.

My mother in law for providing the whoopie pies and pasta salad. (A note from the editor: thank you for taking them home so I wouldn't be tempted eat all of them!) 

Last but not least, all of our guest who made Brighton feel loved, even though her miserable teething self didn't show her appreciation, we sure felt it.

Yeah, a teething 1 year old equals an unhappy party girl.

And now for the decorations...

Isn't Jeremy's cake awesome?   A while back we attended a birthday party where the dad made this elaborate cake.  Then, not to be outdone, another one of our friends had to make an awesome princess castle cake for his daughter's birthday. Well, that led to Jeremy to pull out all the stops on Brighton's smash cake.  I love how it turned out and he is already scheming what to do for Bristol's birthday cake in September.

The tassel garland will be finding a permanent home somewhere in our house, I love it so much.

It is hard to see, but this is every one of her monthly pictures printed out, except for 12 months because we haven't seen a smile on her teething face in quite a few days.

Bristol helped me decorate the strawberry shortcake.

Thee only picture I got of her in her cake smash outfit at this point.  She was pretty much done with the whole party thing.

She didn't smash her cake, instead she ate the frosting roses and the hugged the whole cake before I took it away and gave her some of the strawberry shortcake I made.  

The party girl's dress.

Another one of Jeremy's creations.  A sprinkler maze.  

Right after this, the birthday girl insisted on hanging upside down while I opened the rest of her presents.  Until she saw her ride on toy and necklace.

Then she took herself out of grumpy teething mode and decided to have a little fun.

Now, can someone come un-decorate the house for me?

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