Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What I Wore// Shorts, Bras, and Lip Color

Everything but the necklace//Target
Necklace//my mother in law

Shorts- These shorts used to pants and then I distressed them and then I still didn't like them so I turned them into cut offs.  These are the only pair of shorts I own, and they didn't even start off as shorts.   

True & Co- Yes if you click that link and order, I get a credit but you also get a credit as well.  A while back I read about True & Co on a blog, and I vowed the next time I needed bras I would be hitting them up.  You go on their website and fill out a fit profile and then they suggest bras for you to choose.  You pick 3 and then they send you an additional 2 expert picks.  Then once you receive the box you have 5 days to return it.   I got my box in 2 business days and I practically ran out to meet the mail lady when she delivered it.  My main reason for doing my bra shopping this way is that I have a really hard time finding bras.  I can't wear stuff from Victoria's Secret and only occasionally find stuff from Fredericks.  So being able to do my bra shopping from the comforts of home was awesome. I really liked 3 out of the 5 bras they sent me but only ended up keeping 2 of them.  The bras they sent me were between $44-$68.  Try it, your boobs will love you.  

Lip Stain-I have always wanted to wear some kind of lipstick on my lips but I have the hardest time finding something I like.  The other day I picked out a pink elf lip stain when I was at Target and I absolutely love it.   

Pedicure-I am in desperate need of one.  I must find time.   

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