Sunday, June 29, 2014

Weekend Notes

We had a super busy weekend but at least it was packed full of fun.  Friday night we had dinner with friends because our children were going through withdraws.  They hadn't seen their friends in at least 3 days.
Brighton has entered the climbing phase of life.

Saturday we went to the local water park in Palmdale to celebrate my in-law's and mother in law's college room mate and her husband's 40th wedding anniversary.  They were married 2 weeks apart.
I found myself kid free and bookless.  I only took 3 bags with us to the water park and my book was in the 4th back at my in-law's house.  Yes you read that right, 4 bags for a day trip.  Beach bag, my purse, the big diaper bag, and then the food bag.  Which is why you see the stroller in the background, it is my pack mule.  

I love her new bathing suit.  We won't even talk about the fact that it is a 2T, the same size my 2 year old niece wears, nope not talking about it.  

Thee only time she wanted anything to do with Aunt Serena

This picture really doesn't do this slide justice.  Bristol met the height requirement to ride this slide and Jeremy was all for it.  Me, not so much, but he convinced her to do it and once Eldon saw big sissy doing it he wanted to do it as well but he wanted mommy to go down it with him.  So off we went.  Of course we may have had to put Bristol's arm band on him since he doesn't actually meet the height requirement.   Both kids were addicted.   Eldon kept asking to ride it again and again.   

This was one of the first times I have felt like we are starting to have big kids.  I mean WATER SLIDES, that is like a right of passage!

Today we enjoyed another fun right of passage with the kids and made smores over the bbq.  Bristol and Eldon want to know when we are going to go camping now.

 Doesn't every baby play in their pool fully clothed?

And last but not least, probably the best part of all this weekend.  We have gone from this being our in door temperature,

to this being out in door temperature.

We were given a window AC and Jeremy installed it today.  It is so much nicer in here now that we aren't relying on our crappy swamp cooler. 

Now for this week I am going to take time off from running.  My left knee and ankle are killing me but I am also not feeling the whole running thing right now.  2 out of 3 of my runs last week were horrible and so much work for me to get through.  While I think it is good for my runs to be hard work, this was more of I just couldn't motivate myself.  So I am going to have a date with a Jillian Michael's video; on mute of course.

How was your weekend?

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  1. What a fun weekend! We make s'mores at least once a week! :)


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