Sunday, June 22, 2014

Trail of a Hundred Giants

Friday night after Jeremy came home we were talking about what we would like to do this weekend.  Both of us wanted to relax but neither one of us really wanted to stay in Ridgecrest.   I suggested that at some point this weekend we should drive up to Kernville and try The Cracked Egg.  I have had several people recently tell me that it has delicious food, especially biscuits and gravy.  Which are my absolute favorite.   Saturday morning we got up a little later than usual (thank you kiddos) and Jeremy announced that we were going to breakfast.   Since we were going up to Kernville, I though there might be a chance we stay up there and play in the Kern River or Lake Isabella, so I had Jeremy pack all of our bathing suits and the stuff we needed to play in the water.   And we dressed accordingly; shorts, tank tops, and sandals.   While eating breakfast Jeremy suggested that instead of doing a day in the water that we should instead drive to the Trail of a Hundred Giants, so we did.  

my sandals, not made for extended hiking trails.  Thankfully 90% of the path was paved.  

 Brighton though the best part of the trip was when we would take the stroller off the paved path.  She would giggle and squeal every time Jeremy went over a bump.

Ever since we bought my Toyota Sequoia, Jeremy has wanted to take it to meet Sequoia trees.  

It was a wonderful day.  I am really happy we decided to go for breakfast and ended up in the middle of the Sequoia National Forest.   If you are close to the Trail of a Hundred Giants, it is something you definitely want to check out.  I know we will go back again, and I may even be crazy enough to do it when there is snow on the ground.  

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