Thursday, June 5, 2014


If we are going to be friends you should probably know...

That one of my favorite treats is vanilla soft serve ice cream in a kiddie cone.

I could live on fresh baked bread.  There is a reason I do not make my own sandwich bread.  Every time I do, I end up eating half the loaf while it is still warm.  But it isn't limited to just bread, I love muffins, scones, bread, scones, muffins.  Are you getting the picture?

I really want a louge chair for the backyard.  We spend so much time out there that it would be so nice to be able to sit in a super comfy chair.  Something like this...

I walked into Dollar Tree today looking for navy blue flowers, instead I walked out with my favorite summer treat.

Try them.  They are delicious.  And they stay nice and soft.

We also bought hula hoops.  Now my kiddos are channeling their inner Aunt Joanie.  I am sure they will insist on taking them along next time we see them.  If they survive more than a few days in casa Bennett.

 I mentioned this last week, but I have a serious obsession with sweet potatoes and Jeremy loves asparagus.  So while I was baking up another batch of sweet potato fries for my lunch, I threw in a casserole dish of asparagus.
 I am always cold.  Except last summer when I was a baking a giant sized Brighton.  But since I am not baking anything this summer, I am back to freezing.   The pants I am wearing, yeah they are cold weather running tights.
 Cookie bites. I love my mother in law to death but I will never forgive her for getting me addicted to these things.   Now if you were to bake them, I would have no problem saying no.  But since they are in the wonderfully delicious dough form, I want to eat 6 at a time.   I had to freeze the last batch so I will slow down on the inhalation process.   This is the recipe Jeremy uses when he makes them for me.
 Bristol Rose is a hoarder of all things paper.  And stickers.  And gift bags.   Finally I had enough and tore everything out of her toy box.  I then provided her with a trash bag and a very cheery "nope, keeping going" whenever she presented me with excuses as to why she could no longer clean her room and instead mommy should do it.   My favorite was "my tummy is hungry, it can't clean any longer." A 20 minute project took 2 hours but I didn't do a darn thing, well actually I was cleaning the rest of the house.

 Since Brighton's 1st birthday is in less than 5 weeks, I decided it was time to start making the decorations.   Personally I just want live in denial that there is no possible way that we are already celebrating Stinky's 1st birthday.  It just isn't possible.

 I don't know what was going on the other morning but this girl woke up at 5:30 and attempted to wake up the whole neighborhood.  As soon as  I picked her up and took her over to the rocker she snuggled into my chest and passed back out.   I think she was either having a hard time because her top 2 teeth are starting to move down, or she is going to start walking soon.

 She was anti nap the rest of the day, but she did offer mommy a few more snuggly moments.

 Big Sissy has taken it upon herself to get Brighton walking.

 Lord, help us.   I guess it is time to turn all the baby locks back on.  We have those wonderful magnetic pain in the bottom ones, and I hate them but they are very effective.... when I leave them on.

Fresh bread, mastaccioli, and tiramisu.  Well I was dreaming about tiramisu, there wasn't actually any in the house.  Instead we went out for soft serve cones.

And that is it.  Hopefully, soon my computer will be back.  So far we know it is not a hardware problem.  Now the computer guy is checking for software issues.   I am hoping it happens soon because I have 3 fun outfits to share with you, including pictures of the newly finished kimono.

Happy Friday.

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  1. I can't imagine being cold during the summer! If it's over 74 degrees I start to sweat.


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