Friday, June 20, 2014

Instafriady// On our own

The kiddo's saying good bye to Jeremy at the beginning of our 2 1/2 weeks of no daddy adventure

 I have been horrible about my works lately.  And as a result my pants were getting super tight.   I used these last 2 weeks of Jeremy being gone to get back on track.  My alarms were set for 4:45am each week day.  I am happy to say that I got in all 10 of my workouts while he was gone.  6 days of running and 4 days of Barre3.

All those little yellow boxes around each day are memo's telling me I worked out.   I like to be able to see it not just know I did it.  

 One of my favorite movies.  I decided I should by it for myself as a get-through-drill survival kit.

The other part of my survival kit was wine.  I may have gone through 4 bottles while he was gone.  I really love the taste of wine but it also makes me sleepy enough to fall asleep without Jeremy.   

 Oh, how I missed my computer.   I have had it back for a week now and haven't had any blue screens.

 We had so much fun at the zoo.

 I made Brighton this headband using Katie's tutorial.  Adorable, right?  Yeah, she wont leave it on her head.

 Brighton doesn't like to snuggle, so I take a picture of it every time it happens.   This one has kind of a funny story attached to it.   Her new thing is pointing and pushing buttons.  Well she learned to turn the TV on with the remote this week.   Somehow she managed to change the input and freaked out when the TV started making the static noise.  You would think it wouldn't bother her because she naps with the white noise machine set on hair dyer but apparently the static noise is to much for her.  So for like an hour afterwards she sat on the couch hugging me and giving the now turned off TV the evil stink eye.   And then it ended because it was nap time.  I would have stayed there all day but the big 2 REALLY needed a nap.  

Poor Steven.  Him, Julie, and their kids came over to borrow our kid carrier backpack and he got a wrestling match instead.  
There it is, we are on our last hours of Jeremy being gone.  I am really hoping he is home in time to do baths because if not, well the kids can always take their baths tomorrow morning.  

Now I should probably clean the house and think about what we will be having for dinner.   

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  1. I wish my boys would leave cute hats on their heads but...never.
    Marie @ In Our Happy Place


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