Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day at the Zoo

Friday while we were eating breakfast, Bristol informed me that she wanted to go to the zoo. Then Eldon got in on the action and said he wanted to see animals. I was like ya, ya, ya we will talk to Grandma Cathy and see what she says. About 10 minutes latter the kids ask to have the iPad. Since I had yet to consume a drop of coffee and it was already 9am, I gave in like the extremely weak and exhausted parent I am. Next thing I know, Bristol and Eldon are face timing grandma to see if they can go to the zoo. Yep, they know how to face time. They also called Aunt Hilary as soon as they were done with Grandma.

Because I really have no clue what day it is or week for that matter, I didn't even realize that we planned our trip for Fathers day or that it also happened to be my in-laws 40th anniversary. In case you were wondering, I am a stellar daughter-in-law. But they both assured me that they were up for spending such a special day at the zoo with their grandchildren.   

I have to confess, I resisted taking the kids to the zoo the very first time back when we lived in Colorado Springs but it is one of my absolute favorite places to take the kids these days.  I would probably take them weekly if we lived closer.  They love the animals so much and usually all the walking means a great nights sleep.  

He doesn't dig the whole picture thing

Our attempt at a family picture.

And can we just talk about how cool it is that my in-laws are celebrating 40 years of marriage.  That is so unheard of these days.   I look forward to Jeremy and I's 40th.   

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