Monday, May 12, 2014

Our massive dining room table

When we were first married, Jeremy and I were living in this dinky little house.  It was pretty pitiful looking.   That whole house would probably fit in out kitchen/dinning/living room area of our house now.  And that isn't all that big of an area.  It was just such a small space.   We bought a teeny tiny little 4 seater table from Walmart and it lasted us through our first 8 years of marriage.  When we moved back to California to be closer to family it was painfully obvious that entertaining wasn't going to be easy with that little table.  So I had a dream.  I started a pinning DIY tables.  I knew I wanted something that could easily fit our immediate families because there is not a big enough table in the world to fit my extended family.   Jeremy was pretty set on a narrow rectangle but I didn't want everyone to be so spread out that we couldn't all carry on a conversation.  So I got this brilliant idea for a 5 foot  by 6 foot table.  We actually marked it out on the floor to see if it would work.  And while it now takes up a good part of the common area of our house, I love it.  All the bruises I earn from walking into it on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis are totally worth it.  So here you have it, my anniversary present.  The table was finished in November but we didn't get the benches done until right before Hilary and Daphne came to visit in March.   And it only took me 2 more months to photograph it and post it here on the blog.  Which is quick since I still haven't shared pictures of Brighton's nursery and we are celebrating her 10 month birthday today!   

My table runner is another favorite of mine.  I had pinned this one a long time ago because I loved the prettiness of it.  And then I don't know if it was here on the blog or if I posted it on facebook about trying to find doilies to make it, but the next time I showed up at my Mother In Law's house, she handed me a stack of hand crocheted doilies that her mother had made.   They are so beautiful, I didn't think I could use them for this project but my mother in law insisted and now they sit in the middle of our table.  I love seeing a little piece of Jeremy's heritage on our table everyday.  

Ignore our very ugly chairs from the previous table. Eventually we would like to get four of these but our couches need to be replaced first. So the chairs are a long ways away. We have contemplated using the Rustoleum refinishing kit and changing the color to a red or blue but we haven't gotten that far yet.

Total cost for the table was just under $100 and just under $40 for the benches.  So for a twelve seating table we spent roughly $140.  Craziness!

If you have any questions ask away! 

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