Friday, May 30, 2014


My computer is in the shop.  Okay that sounds more official than it actually is, Jeremy traded work.  He looked at someone's car, they are looking at my chronic blue screen problem.  So that leaves the iPad or Jeremy's computer for me to blog on, neither have Lightroom installed.  So I have a problem, since I shoot in raw, I can't access and edit my pictures until my computer is up and running.  I will either have to suck it up and do pictureless posts or it will be straight camera phone pictures for a while. 

I also killed my phone this week. Not my finest moment. My goal for this phone was to not break it. Yeah, I made it a year. I really only think it broke because my cute case was cracked. And instead of sucking it up and putting the old case back on, I left the cracked one on it. Don't worry, I repaired it with tape. The only reason I am thinking about getting it replaced is so it wont hurt one of the kids.

"On the road again"  Seriously, it should be our theme song, but I am not really complaining.  Living in the middle of no where is merely hard on me.  Something I have realized since moving to Ridgecrest is that I am a big city person or more of a suburbs person. I like to be able to drive 10 minutes to Target, Costco, a beautiful well kept park, a zoo, or anything. Here, 10 minutes gets me to a wide expanse of desert, and because  I am deathly afraid of snakes, there is no way I am exploring it.  Jeremy is gone a lot of June, we are taking every advantaged to get out of town before he leaves.  I think my need to be close to stuff comes from having grown up 45 minutes from anything but that is a whole lot closer than the hour and thirty minutes it takes up to get places, or do things these days.  Who are we kidding, I am complaining.

Everything at Grandma's house is better.  As Bristol informed me on the car ride there when I was offering her cheerios for a snack "I will wait for Grandma's house, Grandma has beautiful snacks" by this she means Grandma stocks up on cherry tomatoes, bananas, grapes, teddy grahams, and their current favorite grandma snack; jelly beans.  

Jeremy and our newest nephew, Troy.   This man likes babies, but don't tell anyone it would ruin his tough guy Marine image.
Normally I feel guilty when I go a little crazy at the craft stores.  I know Jeremy doesn't mind and he likes the fact that crafting makes me super happy.  He really hates it when I get restless and have to come up with a craft (enter chalk board).  But this time I didn't even feel a hint of guilt about my purchases.  Maybe because I got 6 craft projects for $50 total. Thank you Memorial day sales.  

I worried about 2 things when I was pregnant.  Well that is not true, I worried about a lot of things but there were 2 things that really bugged me.  I was scared for Eldon. He was a huge mommy's boy and I had no clue how he would adjust and I also worried about the age gap.  Bristol and Eldon are only 16 month's apart and sometimes I swear they share a bond that is more like twins than siblings.  This is another perfect example of God having it all worked out.  I didn't need to worry about Eldon anymore than I needed to worry about the big kid's relationship with Brighton.  They spoil her rotten. They are always sharing with her and they get really mad at me when I say she can't do something they are doing or eat something they are eating.  They love this little girl and she loves them.  She loves following them around, she claps for them, and squeals, and is the perfect recipient of all their adoration.

Mommy couldn't be out done by Grandma.  Not really but their old pool was getting to small so I had to do something.  I am so not brave enough to attempt the public pool with out Jeremy this summer.  

We handed the old pool down to the little one.

Another kimono.  I am about 90% done with it.  All that is left is finishing the seams and I just didn't have the patience for that last night.
In the last few weeks Bristol's drawings have changed so much.  The hands, nose, and clothes are all new elements.  I suspect she writes her named mirrored because she is left handed and I am not.  So when I am trying to teach her something she gets all confused by the different hand thing.

Doesn't everyone store their fabric flowers where their mannequins head goes?   Eventually those flowers will end up on that B, if I could only find a deep blue flower.   I am trying to recreate this.

Well that is all I have.  Does anyone have exciting plans for the weekend?  We got invited to the beach but Jeremy is doing worship this weekend so we decided not to go, instead I am going to mow the yard.  Fun, right!?  We should have gone to the beach instead.

Happy Friday.

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  1. This is probably a weird comment, but I love your handwriting on the chalkboard. I can't write well in chalk for some reason, so I'm jealous! :)

  2. Your kiddos are so sweet. Mine are all really close together too and I have to say they do have a sweet special bond. And, I'm so jealous of your michaels run. I haven't been in ages. I keep telling myself it will happen again soon.


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