Friday, May 23, 2014

Instafriday--flying solo

I am never sure why I start a post triumphantly saying "we survived daddy being gone" because seriously, that is begging for trouble.   I have pretty much been flying solo since last Friday.  Jeremy was at drill Friday-Sunday night.  Thankfully he took Monday off and gave me a nice little break and then he left again Thursday to climb Mt. Whitney.   Hopefully he will be back before bedtime tonight, but I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't walk through the door around 2 or 3 am.  Nothing has gone horribly wrong but little things add up and I am feeling the need to start ripping my hair out or drink lots and lots of wine.  Since the latter isn't an option while the children are awake I guess I will be rocking the bald patches.  Yesterday for whatever reason, Eldon felt the need to throw his sandal into the neighbors yard... which is a good 4 feet lower than ours.   So after going over there and trying to get them to retrieve the sandal (they ignored their door even though there were 4 cars in the drive way) I went fishing with the rake while standing on the kitchen step stool.    Today the kids decided to take the screen door off its track, but instead of just making it fall off, they had to get it complete stuck with only a 5 inch opening for me to squeeze through so I could fix it.  Yep.   Oh, and then there is the oldest one who thinks since we are lacking a parental unit, she needs to fill that void and starts bossing everyone around more so than usual.  So like I said, nothing catastrophic but I am done saying "we have survived" until Jeremy actually walks in the door.

 I have been dreaming about turning this ugly, boring end cabinet into a chalkboard for forever.  Okay, more like 3 years.  So I finally did it.  Now I am looking to chalkboard anything and everything.

 This is what happens when I tell her we are going to send a picture to daddy. I get scowls, screaming, and growling when I want a picture.

 That long hour between dinner and bedtime seems like an eternity when Jeremy isn't here to tag team with me.  So we made cookies to pass the time without daddy.

 My manicure this week totally reminded me of the days when I used to paint my nails with white out.

 I got one smiling picture before all see wanted to do was get kisses.  Not that I minded at all.

 This week my sweet friend Julie took the kids so Jeremy and I could have a few hours to ourselves.   We had talked about going out to eat but when I started getting a migraine around lunch time, I asked Jeremy if it would be okay if we stayed in and had a quiet date.  He was all for it.  He was going to make me salmon and asparagus, but unfortunately because of said migraine I had no desire to eat, so we ended up with asparagus and leftovers.  But I really enjoyed my quiet time with the husband.

We keep the sweet potato farmers in business.  We eat at least 10-15 of these babies a week.

Since I couldn't eat the night before, Jeremy made me salmon for lunch before he headed out again.

The guys left yesterday for their Mt Whitney hiking adventure.  They set up camp and planned to head out at 2:30 am this morning, hoping to make the 22 mile hike in one day.  Should I mention the fact that there was a snow storm predicted?  Hopefully Jeremy remembers to take pictures along the way.

Now I am ready for a relaxing weekend and enjoying some much needed hubby time.

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