Tuesday, May 13, 2014

10 months old

My sweet stinky girl,

You are 10 months old.   I just don't know how this has happened!   I have discovered that you didn't like being a newborn anymore than mommy likes being a newborn's mommy.  Now that you can crawl, stand on your own, and creep all over the place you personality has completely changed.  You no longer are that little girl who all she did was scream.  Now you smile, clap, make all kinds of noises, and generally you are a happy go lucky kid.  FINALLY!  The other night when I came back from getting my pedicure you completely warmed me heart, you started screeching, bouncing, and clapping the minute you saw me.  I wish I could have caught it on video.

This month you learned to clap, say baba and mama, and you are starting to get up on one foot unassisted.   I have told you repeatedly that you have to either learn to walk this month or wait until July because daddy can't miss it.   Which, honestly, I am okay with you waiting.  You are already fast enough with crawling.  

We love you stink!

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