Monday, April 14, 2014

Our weekend

If only we knew what was coming.  Well Brighton kind of looks like she does.

Yesterday I had a triumphant post typed out about how we survived our first drill weekend in 3 years.     Of course, I typed it during nap time.  5 hours before Jeremy got home and a few hours before our disastrous small group attempt.  There was lots of crying, whining, and disrespect involved, Eldon made himself puke because he didn't want to swallow a piece of broccoli, and we ended the night with the kids crying in their rooms and me crying in living room counting down every second of those last 40 minutes until Jeremy walked through the door.   So of course, I deleted that bad boy.

I pictured Jeremy's return so much differently.  I figured we would go to small group, come home about the time Jeremy was pulling in the driveway, and we would all run out and hug him as soon as we heard him pull up.  Not so much, oh I wanted to run out when he pulled up but it would have been more like, I would have kept on running.

A lot has changed since our last drill weekend in August of 2011.  We added a kiddo, Jeremy no longer works a rotating schedule between days and nights, and I have come to rely heavily on my husband.

Let's just hope next drill weekend goes better or I will be voluntarily checking myself into a mental institution for his 2 week AT drill this summer.

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