Friday, April 18, 2014


I did something kind of crazy this week.  I turned off the mobile data and wifi on my phone.  I deleted all my social media apps, except instagram.  It's a problem, my need to post billions of pictures of my kids, food, and exercise each day.   It felt wonderful.  The only time I didn't like it was when I wanted to send Jeremy the poop emoticon to let him know that he needed to come home now because Brighton had pooped for the 10th time that day and I wasn't changing another diaper.   There is a reason we call that kid Stinky.  

a blog post that actually got published

Helping daddy get his uniforms ready for drill.

Working on day 3,4, & 5 the day before it was due.

I decided that I needed to unplug after this past weekend.   You see when I am feeling frazzled, I am really good at tuning out.  Heck I tune out when I am not frazzled.  I pick up my phone and get lost in the world or I read a book.   I hear nothing, I respond to nothing, and I shut down.   I get a recharge.  But this isn't always a good thing.  I shouldn't be doing this when I am feeling overwhelmed by the kids.   So like I said, I made my smartphone a non smartphone.  I only got on the iPad or computer when the kids were napping, I broke my silence a few times to share a picture but otherwise I was completely free.   I read a book, I finally stained the benches so that I can finally share a look at my beautiful new table, we got the backyard cleaned up.  It was a productive week.  

my future clock

I decided my legs needed a little sun so they would stop blinding everyone.  

It was freeing.

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