Friday, April 11, 2014


This is from August 2010 when Bristol was a flower girl in my sister's wedding.  Her hair was crazy even then

 Brighton has been sick all week.  It probably makes me a horrible mom but I have been loving the snuggles I am getting.   Rarely does she just want to sit and cuddle but all week she has been happy to lay on my chest while I rub her back.

 Bristol 7 months//Brighton 8 months

I am going to try my hand at refashioning these. 

it wasn't super cold this day but the wind was horribly cold.  

 This boy needed a little bit of mommy time.  So we played cars.
 How is it possible that I am enrolling Bristol in school already?

 Bristol dressed us all up like ballerinas.  I have no clue why she thinks ballerinas wear flower headbands.
 I pretty much live in my kimono these days.
 Snuggling with Daphne when she was here from Italy last month
This bible study is amazing!  So so so good.  

One day, I might get back to regular blogging.  Right now, I am feeling so much stress.  Our lives have become crazy busy, something had to take a back seat.  So now when I sit down during nap time and after bedtime, I like to stare off into space instead of blog.   But I miss having this outlet.   I miss boring you with all the details of our lives.   Although there are a lot of things going on right now that I would love to share because they are exciting, stressful, new, and crazy but I am afraid to share them for fear of this not working out.  Just know, that we could use a lot of prayers. Prayers for direction and guidance, patience, most of all that we will know without a doubt what God wants us to do. Sometimes I really hate this free will thing .   I also need a lot of prayers that I will get through this weekend.  I have to say, for once I wish it was already Sunday night.  One day, maybe I will have a chance to go back and edit the 20 post that are still in draft form, to share with you.   


  1. Your kids are too cute! That bible study has been on my "to do" list for a long time. Good to know you liked it!

  2. Don't feel guilty, snuggles are the only upside to kids feeling sick!
    I'm still making the rounds from the InstaFriday linkup, and I followed you on bloglovin.
    Have a great week.


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