Monday, April 7, 2014

Good riddance

Dearest Pacifier,

My hate for you grows by the hour.   We decided to bid you adieu because you were interrupting everyone's night time sleep, only now your absence is killing our morning sleep.   Our first night apart from you went great, we only had about 15 minutes of struggle but then it was night night for the Brighton.  Unfortunately without you, our mornings have been starting at 6 am with a screaming baby.  And instead of my happy morning girl, now she is exhausted by 8 am and wants to go down for her nap, instead I have to make her suffer through till she eats her breakfast.   So dearest pacifier that I never wanted to use, I will stand firm next time.   You are SO not worth it.  

Good riddance,
The parents of the unhappy Brighton.

1 comment :

  1. So funny, I LOVE the paci! My first two were avid paci users, but #3 refused. If we were to have #4, I would do whatever it took to get that baby to take one!


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