Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A good ol' fashioned randomness post....

Hello blog space.  I have missed you a whole lot over the last 2 months.  I would love to get back to writing on here regularly but it seems like every time I try, something comes up.  So I thought I would share some random things with you.  

I really miss the days when I thought $30 was expensive for a prescription.   Now most prescriptions cost us $$$.   Don't worry though, we have great insurance.   (do you hear the sarcasm?)

Brighton had her 9 month check up today, yep only like 3 weeks late. She is

  • 21 pounds/75%
  • 29 inches/85%
That kids is going to be super tall.  It is no wonder that she is in 18 month clothing.

I am living in fear of our kids coming down with the stomach flu.

Jeremy took the morning off so he could watch the big 2 while Brighton and I did the check up thing.   I saw him for maybe 15 minutes all morning between the doctors office, coming home and running, and then going back out for prescription butt cream for the stink.  I am a little lot sad.

I am looking at Brighton in her little 18 month romper thing and realize that before long I am going to be pulling out our 24 month stuff.  Anyone want to send 24 month/2t baby girl summer clothes our way?

I am currently trying to get a picture or video of Brighton standing on her own.  Of course, she is fully clothed so she is not cooperating.   

For some reason I thought that Sally's Beauty Supply was closed here in town, but its not.  I ran in there today because I am going to try this moldy shower cleaning method and I miraculously walked out of there without any more nail polish.  But I will be going back for a few summer colors I saw.  

We had to buy the big 2 new sandals.  Now, I am a firm believer in buying my kids well built shoes.  I love it when I can find a good pair of shoes for less than $20.  But in my experience, this is impossible to do with sandals.  Bristol blew through, like, 3 pairs of cheap sandals her first summer of walking.  So when Bristol was about 1 1/2 our pediatrician at the time recommended See Kai Run sandals and I have been hooked ever since.  They are great shoes.  Well built but still flexible enough for newly-walking feet.  But this summer, I was having a hard time finding something I liked in there line up with the right amount of foot coverage and in the right size.  So I decided to expand my horizons.  I have read great things about Saltwater sandals in the past and decided to try them out.  A few weeks back, I got a pair for Bristol because her sandal needing issues were more dire.   I love them.   Of course she still has pretty chunky feet so we had to follow the instructions for stretching them out but now they are perfect.  She loves them.  I love that she can get them wet.  So when I noticed Eldon's toe rubbing in his old sandals, I decided to get him a new pair as well.   Jeremy, my flip flop wearing husband, has said he wouldn't mind a pair of these as well.  So if you are looking for well built sandals for your big kids, try Saltwater Sandals.  I still highly recommend See Kai Run for your baby's and toddler's feet.  

And last but certainty not least.  I am so thankful for my kitchen fairy.  Is it okay that he is a boy man and I am calling him a fairy.  Today, while I was off at Brighton's appointment he stayed behind and cleaned our disaster of a kitchen.  He also made sure I got out the door on time, kept the kids entertained while I snuck a run in, and made me coffee when I started to crash.  I am so stinkin' lucky.  

Yes, those are belated Easter pictures.  Well the one of Bristol isn't, most of Easter she was running around so fast that all I have on my camera is Bristol blurs.   S

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