Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A good ol' fashioned randomness post....

Hello blog space.  I have missed you a whole lot over the last 2 months.  I would love to get back to writing on here regularly but it seems like every time I try, something comes up.  So I thought I would share some random things with you.  

I really miss the days when I thought $30 was expensive for a prescription.   Now most prescriptions cost us $$$.   Don't worry though, we have great insurance.   (do you hear the sarcasm?)

Brighton had her 9 month check up today, yep only like 3 weeks late. She is

  • 21 pounds/75%
  • 29 inches/85%
That kids is going to be super tall.  It is no wonder that she is in 18 month clothing.

I am living in fear of our kids coming down with the stomach flu.

Jeremy took the morning off so he could watch the big 2 while Brighton and I did the check up thing.   I saw him for maybe 15 minutes all morning between the doctors office, coming home and running, and then going back out for prescription butt cream for the stink.  I am a little lot sad.

I am looking at Brighton in her little 18 month romper thing and realize that before long I am going to be pulling out our 24 month stuff.  Anyone want to send 24 month/2t baby girl summer clothes our way?

I am currently trying to get a picture or video of Brighton standing on her own.  Of course, she is fully clothed so she is not cooperating.   

For some reason I thought that Sally's Beauty Supply was closed here in town, but its not.  I ran in there today because I am going to try this moldy shower cleaning method and I miraculously walked out of there without any more nail polish.  But I will be going back for a few summer colors I saw.  

We had to buy the big 2 new sandals.  Now, I am a firm believer in buying my kids well built shoes.  I love it when I can find a good pair of shoes for less than $20.  But in my experience, this is impossible to do with sandals.  Bristol blew through, like, 3 pairs of cheap sandals her first summer of walking.  So when Bristol was about 1 1/2 our pediatrician at the time recommended See Kai Run sandals and I have been hooked ever since.  They are great shoes.  Well built but still flexible enough for newly-walking feet.  But this summer, I was having a hard time finding something I liked in there line up with the right amount of foot coverage and in the right size.  So I decided to expand my horizons.  I have read great things about Saltwater sandals in the past and decided to try them out.  A few weeks back, I got a pair for Bristol because her sandal needing issues were more dire.   I love them.   Of course she still has pretty chunky feet so we had to follow the instructions for stretching them out but now they are perfect.  She loves them.  I love that she can get them wet.  So when I noticed Eldon's toe rubbing in his old sandals, I decided to get him a new pair as well.   Jeremy, my flip flop wearing husband, has said he wouldn't mind a pair of these as well.  So if you are looking for well built sandals for your big kids, try Saltwater Sandals.  I still highly recommend See Kai Run for your baby's and toddler's feet.  

And last but certainty not least.  I am so thankful for my kitchen fairy.  Is it okay that he is a boy man and I am calling him a fairy.  Today, while I was off at Brighton's appointment he stayed behind and cleaned our disaster of a kitchen.  He also made sure I got out the door on time, kept the kids entertained while I snuck a run in, and made me coffee when I started to crash.  I am so stinkin' lucky.  

Yes, those are belated Easter pictures.  Well the one of Bristol isn't, most of Easter she was running around so fast that all I have on my camera is Bristol blurs.   S

Friday, April 18, 2014


I did something kind of crazy this week.  I turned off the mobile data and wifi on my phone.  I deleted all my social media apps, except instagram.  It's a problem, my need to post billions of pictures of my kids, food, and exercise each day.   It felt wonderful.  The only time I didn't like it was when I wanted to send Jeremy the poop emoticon to let him know that he needed to come home now because Brighton had pooped for the 10th time that day and I wasn't changing another diaper.   There is a reason we call that kid Stinky.  

a blog post that actually got published

Helping daddy get his uniforms ready for drill.

Working on day 3,4, & 5 the day before it was due.

I decided that I needed to unplug after this past weekend.   You see when I am feeling frazzled, I am really good at tuning out.  Heck I tune out when I am not frazzled.  I pick up my phone and get lost in the world or I read a book.   I hear nothing, I respond to nothing, and I shut down.   I get a recharge.  But this isn't always a good thing.  I shouldn't be doing this when I am feeling overwhelmed by the kids.   So like I said, I made my smartphone a non smartphone.  I only got on the iPad or computer when the kids were napping, I broke my silence a few times to share a picture but otherwise I was completely free.   I read a book, I finally stained the benches so that I can finally share a look at my beautiful new table, we got the backyard cleaned up.  It was a productive week.  

my future clock

I decided my legs needed a little sun so they would stop blinding everyone.  

It was freeing.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Time out

Top//Me-- Simplicity 1589

Do you ever want to just call a time out on life?  Like it is happening way too fast and you could really use a time out to get your feet back under you and feel like you are better prepared to take on the day.  I am feeling like that this week.  I need a day, when Jeremy is home, to call a time out.  So I can feel like we are operating as one again.  So the kids can get their daddy fix.   And so I can just feel like I am ready to take on the day, instead of the day taking me on.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

9 months old

My sweet girl, you are 9 months old.   Next month, I should probably start planning your party.  It is way to early for this.  Month 8 was a huge month of first.  

First 2 teeth.
You stood up on your own.
You are experimenting with letting go of holding on.
You hung out at Grandma's house all day, without any complaints (on your part).
You gave up the pacifier.  Not willingly but you have replaced it with your blankets.
You learned to squawk like a bird.  Talking like a normal baby isn't good enough for you.

On the other hand I am convinced you suffer from PSAD.  Post Separation Anxiety Disorder.   You are pretty okay when I leave you, but when I pick you up, you expect me to hold you for the rest of the day.  If I attempt to put you down for, say, 5 seconds to make the food you need for lunch I am punished.  

You got a nasty little cold this month but other than needing lots of snuggles you handled it like a champ.   You are still willing to climb into my lap these last few days and snuggle for 3 or 4 seconds.  I will take it.

9 months.  I am still not sure how we got here but I am so enjoying the ride with you, my stubborn, crazy, independent, and overly opinionated girl.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Our weekend

If only we knew what was coming.  Well Brighton kind of looks like she does.

Yesterday I had a triumphant post typed out about how we survived our first drill weekend in 3 years.     Of course, I typed it during nap time.  5 hours before Jeremy got home and a few hours before our disastrous small group attempt.  There was lots of crying, whining, and disrespect involved, Eldon made himself puke because he didn't want to swallow a piece of broccoli, and we ended the night with the kids crying in their rooms and me crying in living room counting down every second of those last 40 minutes until Jeremy walked through the door.   So of course, I deleted that bad boy.

I pictured Jeremy's return so much differently.  I figured we would go to small group, come home about the time Jeremy was pulling in the driveway, and we would all run out and hug him as soon as we heard him pull up.  Not so much, oh I wanted to run out when he pulled up but it would have been more like, I would have kept on running.

A lot has changed since our last drill weekend in August of 2011.  We added a kiddo, Jeremy no longer works a rotating schedule between days and nights, and I have come to rely heavily on my husband.

Let's just hope next drill weekend goes better or I will be voluntarily checking myself into a mental institution for his 2 week AT drill this summer.

Friday, April 11, 2014


This is from August 2010 when Bristol was a flower girl in my sister's wedding.  Her hair was crazy even then

 Brighton has been sick all week.  It probably makes me a horrible mom but I have been loving the snuggles I am getting.   Rarely does she just want to sit and cuddle but all week she has been happy to lay on my chest while I rub her back.

 Bristol 7 months//Brighton 8 months

I am going to try my hand at refashioning these. 

it wasn't super cold this day but the wind was horribly cold.  

 This boy needed a little bit of mommy time.  So we played cars.
 How is it possible that I am enrolling Bristol in school already?

 Bristol dressed us all up like ballerinas.  I have no clue why she thinks ballerinas wear flower headbands.
 I pretty much live in my kimono these days.
 Snuggling with Daphne when she was here from Italy last month
This bible study is amazing!  So so so good.  

One day, I might get back to regular blogging.  Right now, I am feeling so much stress.  Our lives have become crazy busy, something had to take a back seat.  So now when I sit down during nap time and after bedtime, I like to stare off into space instead of blog.   But I miss having this outlet.   I miss boring you with all the details of our lives.   Although there are a lot of things going on right now that I would love to share because they are exciting, stressful, new, and crazy but I am afraid to share them for fear of this not working out.  Just know, that we could use a lot of prayers. Prayers for direction and guidance, patience, most of all that we will know without a doubt what God wants us to do. Sometimes I really hate this free will thing .   I also need a lot of prayers that I will get through this weekend.  I have to say, for once I wish it was already Sunday night.  One day, maybe I will have a chance to go back and edit the 20 post that are still in draft form, to share with you.   

Monday, April 7, 2014

Good riddance

Dearest Pacifier,

My hate for you grows by the hour.   We decided to bid you adieu because you were interrupting everyone's night time sleep, only now your absence is killing our morning sleep.   Our first night apart from you went great, we only had about 15 minutes of struggle but then it was night night for the Brighton.  Unfortunately without you, our mornings have been starting at 6 am with a screaming baby.  And instead of my happy morning girl, now she is exhausted by 8 am and wants to go down for her nap, instead I have to make her suffer through till she eats her breakfast.   So dearest pacifier that I never wanted to use, I will stand firm next time.   You are SO not worth it.  

Good riddance,
The parents of the unhappy Brighton.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


This week has been hard.  It has been ones of those weeks where the trenches of motherhood have been hard.   Brighton has been exhausted because we have missed her morning nap everyday.   I think Tuesday was the hardest.  Probably because I was right where God wanted me, at bible study.  By the time Jeremy walked through the door, I was on the verge of a break down.  Thankfully he took over.  He ran to the store for the bread I had planned on making from scratch and the cheese I totally forgot to buy during my grocery run.  He kept the kids entertained while I got food on the table.

One thing about motherhood, is it is so up and down.  One day you will feel like you are on top of the world and can tackle anything but then there are those days when you question why God would entrust 3 small children to an obviously very under-qualified mom.

All that to say, I am worn out.

I am weary.
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