Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I wish...

Top//Forever 21
Earrings//Charming Charlies

I wish I had tried the denim on denim trend sooner, I really liked the results.

I wish everyone considered a pair of red polka dot toms a neutral.

I wish I could find a light and dark grey nail polish without a metallic in it.

I wish I would never ever ever get mastitis again. 5 times in 8 months is more than enough.  

I wish that my house would stay clean always because a clean house makes me really really really happy.

I wish that Jeremy and I had more one on one time, but even with the little amount of alone time we get, we still manage to put our marriage first.  

I wish that I could automatically come up with a great gift for Jeremy's birthday.  It's tomorrow and I've got nothing.  I usually get a good idea every few years. 

I wish I would remember to include pray in my parenting more often.  

I wish our copy of Frozen would get here.   Hopefully tomorrow.

I am still on a little blogging hiatus.  Between my craft projects, my sister and niece visiting from Italy, and more family coming into town on Saturday, we are busy busy.  Maybe next week.  

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  1. I have those exact Toms. I love them! I totally can relate to so many of your wishes - clean house for sure!

  2. Love denim on denim! Love those TOMS!!! Love a clean house!


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